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McDermott Consulting

McDermott Consulting offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Networks, Communities & Crowds: Networked Organization Briefing, Introduction to Communities of Practice, Community Leader Training, Community Benchmarking, Community Development Strategy, Management Community Briefing, Revitalizing communities, Community Leader Toolkit
  • Develop Greater Expertise: Expertise Audit, Technical Master Class, Facilitated Follow-up Master Classes, Supporting mentoring
  • Improve Decision-making: Knowledge- Enhanced Decision Support
  • Enhance Creativity & Innovation: Develop a Local Innovation Strategy, Creating Innovation Networks, An Individuals Guide to Innovation
  • Change as a Natural Step: Change as a Natural Step

Course Material

  • Networks, Communities & Crowds: Community Leader Toolkit


  • …on topics in Communities, Knowledge Management, Expertise Retention, Decision Making, Innovation

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