What to put in an agile Knowledge Management training

Abstract: I was never trained on KM. I just learned it by doing. Errrr, I am learning it by doing.

But if I was trained in agile KM next week, what would I love to find in such a training? Some people are wondering about exactly that on KM4Dev right now. So, let me think about this a bit…

There’s many ways that one can think of elements to include in a KM training, so I’ll start with my favourite order: random – spur of the moment-like. A first brush to peel this onion, to unravel the little patterns that gild this golden question.

Here’s a series of (perhaps not so) random concepts and keywords that I think should make it into an agile KM training course – focused on development – these days…

Ewen Le Borgne: What to put in a KM training, off the random top of my head. Agile KM for me… and you?, August 25, 2013

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One thought on “What to put in an agile Knowledge Management training

  1. The answer, of course, is that it makes a difference with respect to what the KM training is for…the outcome expected, and how it will be integrated into the mission and work flow of the organization…many topics could be relevant and their priority would depend on this.

    There are many different curriculums(i) and content out there all developed to deliver skills training (but not competence) at the leadership and workforce level.

    The danger is taking generic training provided to “certify” one as a Knowledge Manager expecting it to provide practical “know and know why” when it is only about the provider’s perspective on KM, which may or may not be relevant to your organization’s context or need.

    It is hard to be certified through training for a discipline in which no standard body of knowledge exists or is accredited.

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