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The Resource Center for Customer Service Professionals (RCCSP) also known as the RCCSP Professional Education Alliance has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Courses

  • Knowledge Management Foundations: Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Principles training and certification (Virtual/on-site classroom 3 day training seminar)**
      What is Knowledge Centered Service?
      The Knowledge Centered Services Model
      Aligning Knowledge Centered Services with the Business
      Content Health
      Knowledge Centered Services Roles and Responsibilities
      The Knowledge Centered Services Workflow
      Performance Assessment
      Leadership and Motivation
      The KCS Adoption Roadmap
  • Knowledge Centered Services Training and Certification**
      2007 (3 days)
      Day 1: Knowledge management fundamentals; Knowledge management in different environments; Knowledge management processes; The relationship between change and mnowledge management; Building a foundation; Knowledge management benefits and ROI

      Day 2: Content Management; Principles of Content; Content lifecycle; Understanding knowledge management competencies, roles and responsibilities; Workflows and processes; Performance assessment

      Day 3: Implementation; Communications planning; Technology requirements; Getting started

  • Knowledge Management Certification
      2005-2006 (2 days)
      Defining Knowledge Management
      Evaluating and Organizing Existing Knowledge
      Selecting a Tool
      Create a Method of Categorization
      Write a Solution – Best Practices
      Maintaining the Knowledge Base
      Evaluate Knowledge Base Effectiveness

      2002-2004 (2 days)
      Introduction to Knowledge Management
      Creating a STEM (subject, type, element, module)
      Selecting a Knowledge Management Tool
      Writing a Solution – Best Practices
      Maintaining a Knowledge Base
      Evaluating Knowledge Base Effectiveness

      2001 (2 days)
      Introduction to Knowledge Management
      Knowledge Base Development and Maintenance


  • Knowledge Management for Practitioners (1-2 days training seminar)
      Defining Knowledge Management
      Evolution of Knowledge Management
      Knowledge Management for the Support Center
      Knowledge Management for the Customers
      Knowledge Management ROI
      Proactive vs. Reactive Knowledge Management Methodologies
      Creating Quality Knowledge
      Managing the Operation
  • Knowledge Management Fundamentals (online/CD ROM self study training w. exam)**
      The Art of Knowledge Management
      Knowledge as Capital
      Putting Knowledge to Work
      Managing Knowledge Workers
      Being a Knowledge Activist
      Knowledge as Strategy: Performance Improvement
      The Power of the Learning Organization
      The Potential of Self-directed Learning (SDL)
      Implementing and Evaluating Self-directed Learning
      Performance Support
      Benchmarking for Best Practices
      Training for Business Results
      TestPrep Final Exam: Knowledge Management Fundamentals
  • Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Principles (3-day training seminar)**
      Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Fundamentals**
      Content Management
      Implementation: Communications planning; Technology Requirements

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