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Zavata, formerly Integro, a division of Zavata, STI Knowledge, and Support Technologies, has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

STI Knowledge

Certification Courses

  • Certified Knowledge Management™ (CKM)1)2) (2 days; 8 weeks interactive self study)
      2001- 2006 Course outline:
      Defining Knowledge Management (and Its Importance to a Knowledge Center)
      Selecting Knowledge Management Tools
      Evaluating and Organizing Existing Knowledge
      Creating a STEM (subject, type, element, module) Approach to Categorizing and Logging Problem Reports and Solutions
      Applying Best Practices for Writing Solutions
      Maintaining the Knowledge Base
      Evaluating Knowledge Base Effectiveness

      Certification exam

Knowledge Center Certifications

  • STI Knowledge Certified Knowledge Center Professional (CKCP)™
  • STI Knowledge Certified Knowledge Center Leader (CKCL)™


  • STI Knowledge Symposium & University
    • (CANCELLED?) 2006 KnowledgeSummit
        Pre-Summit Certification Courses: (Apr 23-25)
    • STI Knowledge Educational Symposium, July 28-29, 2004, Washington, D.C., USA
        Workshop #2: A Case Study of T-Mobile’s Knowledge Management Implementation (Best Practices) – Conquering Cultural Resistance to KM Technology (Leadership) – Knowledge Management (ITIL)

        Pre-Symposium Certification Courses: (Jul 25-27)
        Certified Knowledge Management™ (CKM, 2 days)

    • 3rd Knowledge Center Symposium, July 28-30, 2003, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
      Symposium Theme: The Global Agenda for Enterprise Support: Preparing for Uncertainty

        Enterprise Knowledge Management from an Organizational Standpoint – What Works … What Doesn’t
        Open Forum – Lessons Learned from Companies Deploying Knowledge Centers
        The Balanced Scorecard Approach to Reporting

        Pre- and Post-Symposium Certification Courses: (Jul 27-28 & Jul 31-Aug 1)
        Certified Knowledge Management™ (CKM, 2 days)

    • STI Knowledge University 2003, February 17 – 19, 2003, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    • 2nd Knowledge Center Symposium, July 29-31, 2002, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
      Symposium Theme: The 21st Century Knowledge Center: It Starts with Leadership …Then You Build It
      (Co-organizer: SupportSoft)

        Pre- and Post-Symposium Certification Courses: (Jul 28-29 & Aug 1-2)
        Certified Knowledge Management™ (CKM, 2 days)

        The Knowledge Center: Step Up to a Higher Level of Thinking
        How To Make Your CIO Look Good in the Next 12 Months
        Market Your Knowledge Center as a Business Solution
        Dr. Jon’s Top 10 Knowledge Center Essentials: Critical Benchmarking for the 21st Century Knowledge Center

        STI’s Knowledge-is-Power-Breakfast

        Panel Discussions:
        Are Software Companies Part of the Problem?
        How To Make Your CEO Really Care About Support
        IP Telephony for the Knowledge Center – Russian Roulette or Sure Bet?

        The Power of the Knowledge Center
        Insourcing vs Outsourcing
        Raising the Bar on Employee Productivity
        Designing New Strategies for Customer Satisfaction in the Knowledge Center

        A Must Know: Emerging Business and Technology Trends in a Knowledge Center
        The Knowledge Center Professional – Your Most Valuable Investment
        The Right Support Solutions For You Today! – Knowledge Base, Password Reset
        Knowledge Center Service Levels That Leaders Understand

    • STI Knowledge University 2002, March 11-13, 2002, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
      Theme: Transforming Help Desk and Call Center Agents into Universal Support Professionals for the 21st Century Knowledge Center

        Pre-university certification courses: (March 10 -11)
        Certified Knowledge Management
    • e-Support Knowledge Center Symposium, August 21-22, 2001, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
      Symposium Theme: Transform Your Help Desk & Call it a Knowledge Center


    STI Knowledge RoundTable Events

    • Journey through Knowledge Management
    • Executing a Successful Knowledge Management Strategy
    • Practices and Pitfalls in Support Knowledge Management
    • Knowledge Center: Tools and Technologies
    • Knowledge Management


    • Knowledge bases and other technical resources

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