Role that knowledge organization professionals could play

Abstract: In the early 20th century, Paul Otlet carved out a role for knowledge organization as a force for positive social change. While his ideals appeared to be utopian to many of his contemporaries, his activism and vision foreshadowed the potential (for good and evil) of the World Wide Web. This paper discusses the role that knowledge organization professionals could play in enhancing the positive social impact of the web of knowledge, and how our roles are shifting from the more passive role of descriptive cataloguers, to proactive designers of positive and productive knowledge environments. This paper was delivered to the ISKO UK conference in London, July 2015. Follow this link for the video, the slides, and the supporting article, which will be published in the Knowledge Organization journal in September 2015.

Patrick Lambe: Knowledge Organization and Social Impact. The Straits Knowledge Bulletin, May 2015

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  • Patrick Lambe: From Cataloguers to Designers: Paul Otlet, social impact and a more proactive role for knowledge organisation professionals. In: Stella Dextre Clarke et al. (Eds.): Knowledge Organization – making a difference. The impact of knowledge organization on society, scholarship and progress. Proceedings of the ISKO UK biennial conference, 13th – 14th July 2015, London | Full text from publisher »

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