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The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

SIM Professional Development


Training Courses

  • Storytelling: A Powerful Tool to Inspire & Influence Change (was: Organisational Storytelling for Success)
  • Big Data Analytics Bootcamp for Business Professionals (was: Big Data Analytics for Professionals)
  • The Heart of Knowledge Management Implementation: Sharpen Knowledge Sharing for Business Improvements**
  • Communities of Practice: Changing the way organisation learn and build capabilities**
  • Appreciative Inquiry and Action Learning: Tools for leadership, change and talent development**

Past Training Courses / Seminars


    Organic Knowledge Interventions – Implementing Knowledge Interventions in an Organization (Pre-requisites: Organic KM Toolkit)
    Organic KM Toolkit – Principles, Tools and Techniques for Discovery, Diagnostics and Sense Making
    Culture Management – Narrative Techniques for Organizational Impact
    Strategy and Decision Making – Augment your Ability to Deal with the Unpredictable

    Introduction to Organic Knowledge Management
    Organic Knowledge Management Diagnostic Tools and Techniques
    Identifying Knowledge Disclosure and Developing a Knowledge Map
    Anecdote Elicitation (Includes Knowledge Disclosure Techniques)

    Developing Knowledge-based Client Relationships
    Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy
    The Knowledge Manager’s Toolkit
    Winning the Knowledge Game

    HR Challenges in a Knowledge Economy
    Successful Development and Implementation of a Knowledge Management Programme
    Winning the Knowledge Game

    Integrating Knowledge, Strategy, Information Technology and Business Model
    Creating and Measuring the Value of Knowledge Management
    Competing in the Knowledge Economy – New rules, new strategies and new challenges for succes

Academic Programmes

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Master in Knowledge Management** 1)
    Subjects: Principles of Knowledge Management; Business Fundamentals for Knowledge Managers; Applying Knowledge Management; Information Systems Impact and Change Management; Creating and Utilising New Knowledge; Creating Knowledge Cultures; Information Systems in an International Context; Developing Knowledge in the Systematic Enterprise; Contextualising Knowledge Management; Strategy; Work-based Project

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