Knowledge Management: Cultivating knowledge professionals

Abstract: This book serves as a reference for individuals interested in knowledge management (KM) and educational issues surrounding KM. Looks at KM as an emerging profession and the need to educate a new generation of knowledge professionals to deal with managing knowledge on the one hand and managing knowledge workers on the other hand. Examines the skills and competencies of knowledge professionals; and how educational programs can address these demands to develop the requisite professional competencies.

Key Features

  • Is the first book to cover KM education
  • Adopts a multidisciplinary approach to KM education
  • Based on the many years of experience of the author in KM education
  • Covers KM professional skills and competencies
  • Provides a road map to KM education


KM professionals and academics; librarians and other information professionals; graduates and undergraduates involved in KM courses, and other courses where KM is an important element.

Author(s): Dr Suliman Al-Hawamdeh is Professor of Knowledge Management at Oklahoma University. He acts as a consultant to many public and private sector organisations around the world, is Editor in Chief of the Journal of Information and Knowledge Management and the author of Information and Knowledge Society (McGraw-Hill).


  • The dawn of the knowledge economy
  • The complex nature of knowledge
  • Intellectual capital
  • Role of technology in KM
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Organisation culture
  • Communities in practice
  • Learning organisation
  • KM education and curriculum development
  • Directory of graduate programs in KM education and other organisations

Al-Hawamdeh, S.: Knowledge Management: Cultivating knowledge professionals. Oxford, UK: Chandos Publishing (Information Professional Series), 2003. 200 p.

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