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Knowledge Management role titles & responsibilities?

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In the discussion list of the Systems Integration KM Leaders Community Darrin Q. asks: Hello, I have been in the field of training and development for 8 years now. I discovered knowledge management in graduate school and ever since I have been studying best practices and talking with other experts in

Chief Learning Officer Symposium (CLO Symposium)*

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The Chief Learning Officer Symposium (CLO Symposium), organized by BetterWork Media Group’s Chief Learning Officer magazine, is a spring and fall event for corporate learning practitioners only. It brings together the corporate learning community for two and a half days of expert presentations, workshops and networking opportunities. The CLO Symposium represents Chief Learning Officer’s dedication

The Chiefs of Knowledge: CKO, CLO, and CPO

Abstract: The field of knowledge management continues to garner both academic and practitioner interest. While much has been written about the technological, social, and economic aspects of managing knowledge in organizations, little is known about the managers who lead the engagements. In the following research project, we examine the roles of three C-level executives