The Education of the Knowledge Professions

Abstract: For some time now, there has been an ongoing controversy over what practicing knowledge management professionals should know, how and what they should be taught, and by whom. In this fray, we find universities, consulting companies, not-for-profit associations, and industry groups offering everything from PhDs and certifications, to any number of individual KM related courses. As big as the KM market is reported to be, and as fast as it is supposedly growing, you would think that this diversity would be welcomed with open arms. Actually, it seems to have people up-in-arms. Confused? What I have to say is aimed as much at those creating the confusion as it is at those who find themselves confused.

Brian (Bo) Newman: The Education of the Knowledge Professions. Knowledge Management Forum (Knowledge Management Theory Papers), 2002

Copyright © Brian D. Newman. All Rights reserved.

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