The Education of the Knowledge Professions. An Interview with Bo Newman

Abstract: In an upcoming insightful article by Brian (Bo) Newman, The Education of the Knowledge Professions, Bo addresses the confusion existing in the KM training marketplace. He also addresses how to define the various stakeholders in the Knowledge Professions.

The KMPro Learning Center is presently wrestling with these key issues for the KM profession. In this interview, Bo Newman, the founder of the original Knowledge Management Forum (KMForum) and one of the leading champions for building strong foundations for what he now terms, the knowledge professions, discusses the challenges faced by KMPro as a professional society, as it seeks to provide world-class KM learning, and how such an organization must respond. Bo Newman has been deeply involved in this thing we now call “knowledge management” for over 13 years. In 1994, he founded the KMForum with the express purpose of finding the bed-rock which would support a meaningful professional practice. Over the years, he has been a self-directed student and researcher, a practitioner, practice leader, a mentor, and was a contributor to some of the early KM course work for the George Washington University KM program. The interviewer is Douglas Weidner, CKO of KMPro, and Executive Director of the Learning Center.

Douglas Weidner: A View Beyond: The Education of the Knowledge Professions – Meeting the Challenge. An Interview with Bo Newman, Founder, KMForum. In Thought & Practice, 1 (1), 2002: 7-11.

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