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Thomson Reuters, formerly the Thomson Corporation, the International Thomson Organization (ITO), and the Thomson Corporation, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Practical Law Conferences


  • Knowledge Management Forum (KM Forum)*
      The annual Thomson Reuters Knowledge Management Forum (TRKM), formerly the Practical Law Company Knowledge Management Forum (PLC KM Forum), is organized by the Practical Law Company (PLC), since 2013 Thomson Reuters Practical Law (Company). The Forum is open to all delegates from private practice and in-house legal departments who work with knowledge, information, data and libraries services.

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  • Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture: How to Thrive on Change (was: Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture: Lessons Learned)


  • Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) Summit – for the Public Sector**
    The CKO Summit for the Public Sector, organized by TFPL, is a unique, practical, events where CKOs from public organisations spend two days together sharing experiences, debating key knowledge management issues and working together to formulate new knowledge strategies. The summit is sponsored by Thomson Dialog (2002-2005) and Thomson Sweet & Maxwell (2006)

    • 5th CKO Summit for the Public Sector, 23-25 April 2006, Bath Priory, Bath, UK
      Conference Theme: Connecting for value: knowledge and information based public services
    • 4th CKO Summit for the Public Sector, 24-26 April 2005, Bath, UK
      Conference Theme: Towards a common framework: delivering joined up services though better knowledge and information management
    • 3rd CKO Summit for the Public Sector, 25-27 April 2004, Bath, UK
      Conference Theme: Joined-up knowledge strategies
    • 2nd CKO Summit for the Public Sector, April 2003, Bath, UK
      Conference Theme: Knowledge strategies for the public sector
    • 1st CKO Summit for the Public Sector, 21-23 April 2002, Bath, UK
      Conference Theme: Knowledge management in the public sector

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