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The Université Paris-Sud (Paris 11; English: University of Paris-South), originally part of the Université de Paris, now integrated into the Université Paris-Saclay (UPS)1), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Faculté Jean Monnet (Droit – Economie – Gestion) > Laboratoire Réseaux Innovation Territoires et Mondialisation (RITM) > Chaire Européenne de Management de l’Immatériel (European Chair on Intangibles)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Master 2 Innovation Entreprise et Société – Parcours : Management du Capital Immatériel (CI; Immaterial Capital Management)**


  • Information systems
    • Valorisation & Pilotage dans le contexte de crise, 3 avril 2009, Paris, France
        Les actifs immatériels des SI : Criticité et Maturité de pilotage
        Les actifs immatériels de SI : Valorisation et Pilotage
  • Organisational capital and organisational design
    • One-day topic-specific workshop on Organisational Capital
    • International Workshop on “Knowledge Markets, knowledge networks and the joint Assets Issue”, 30 June 2010, Sceaux, France
        Workshop Sessions:
        Conditions of formation of knowledge networks
        Knowledge markets against Networks?
        The transparency issue and the new business models
        Performance Measurement
  • Intellectual property, knowledge networks and markets, and communities
    • Cultures, museums and traditional knowledge
  • Open Innovation
  • Regions, cities and ‘Creative Classes’
  • Intellectual assets and the public sector
    • Les actifs immatériels publics au cœur de la modernisation au service des usagers, 1 juin 2011, Paris, France
        Savoir-faire et marques publics : illustrations et bonnes pratiques: (tables rondes)
        Les savoir-faire publics
        Les marques publiques et la perception des usagers

        Le pilotage des actifs immatériels publics: (tables rondes)
        Le pilotage des actifs immatériels des établissements d’enseignement supérieur et de recherche
        Développer des outils de pilotage du patrimoine immatériel public


Tailormade courses designed to address the various component parts of intellectual capital:

  • Management and value creation for industrial property assets (with the emphasis on patents and brands)
  • Management and value creation for information systems
  • Management and value creation for organisational assets
  • Management and value creation for relationship-based assets (with the emphasis on customer capital)
  • The design of creativity incentive systems and the dissemination of knowledge, with the emphasis on expert knowledge (based on the ‘Hau-Ba’ model)


  • World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities in the Knowledge Economy (IC)* 2)
      The World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities (IC), sub-titled with “Intellectual Capital for Communities in the Knowledge Economy”, explores the challenges and opportunities stemming from today’s increasingly knowledge-based economy. The event is designed as a platform for the exchanges of views, to promote learning among key stakeholders from around the world, and to consider an agenda for transnational and trans-institutional research and action for the future.
  • Franco-German Round Table on Intangibles**
    (Co-organizer: New Club of Paris e.V.; Chaire Européenne de Management de l’Immatériel, Université Paris-Sud; Geographisches Institut, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg)

    • Franco-German Roundtable on Intangibles, September 26, 2011, Paris, France
    • Franco-German Roundtable on Intangibles, September 17, 2012, Heidelberg, Germany
    • Franco-German Roundtable on Intangibles, November 22, 2013, Paris, France

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