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The Université Paris-Sud offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Faculté Jean Monnet (Droit – Economie – Gestion) > Laboratoire Réseaux Innovation Territoires et Mondialisation (RITM) > Chaire Européenne de Management de l’Immatériel (European Chair on Intangibles)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Master 2 Immaterial Capital Management (CI) 1)


  • Information systems
    – One-day topic-specific workshop on Information Systems
  • Organisational capital and organisational design
    – One-day topic-specific workshop on Organisational Capital
    – International Workshop on “Knowledge Markets, knowledge networks and the joint Assets Issue”
  • Intellectual property, knowledge networks and markets, and communities
    – Cultures, museums and traditional knowledge
  • Open Innovation
  • Regions, cities and ‘Creative Classes’
  • Intellectual assets and the public sector
    – One-day conference on Public Intellectual Assets at the Heart of User Service Modernisation


tailormade courses designed to address the various component parts of intellectual capital:

  • management and value creation for industrial property assets (with the emphasis on patents and brands)
  • management and value creation for information systems
  • management and value creation for organisational assets
  • management and value creation for relationship-based assets (with the emphasis on customer capital)
  • the design of creativity incentive systems and the dissemination of knowledge, with the emphasis on expert knowledge (based on the ‘Hau-Ba’ model)


  • World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities in the Knowledge Economy (IC)* 2)
  • Franco-German Round Table on Intangibles** 3)
    The Franco-German Round Table on Intangibles is a research and policy initiative by two major universities in the two countries (as well in Europe) – The University Paris-Sud and Heidelberg University- who decided to join their recent and on-going research efforts, in order to: (1) Come up with conceptual instruments; (2) Provide a stimulating platform for research and action for progress among different stakeholders in France and Germany; (3) Contribute, more generally, to the large dialogue in Europe and more globally, on the role of intangibles in value creation.

    • Franco-German Roundtable on Intangibles, September 26, 2011, Paris, France
    • Franco-German Roundtable on Intangibles, September 17, 2012, Heidelberg, Germany
      Conference Theme: Dilemmas of the Knowledge Economy
    • Franco-German Roundtable on Intangibles, November 22, 2013, Paris, France

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