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Knowledge Management South Africa (KMSA) society offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Committees (was: Workgroups)

  • Content Strategy and Marketing
  • Knowledge Management Professionalisation (Education & Training) Committee (was: Working Group)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Committee
  • Awards and Recognition Committee (was: KMSA Awards Commmittee)
  • Knowledge Management Standardisation project*

Certification/Accreditation Training

KMSA Professional Designations “by Recognition” (in planning)

  • Certified Knowledge Management Practitioner (CKMP/CKM-Prac.)
  • Certified Knowledge Management Specialist (CKMS/CKM-Spec.)
  • Certified Knowledge Management Master (CKMM/CKM-Mas.)


  • Knowledge Management South Africa Imbizo (KMSA Imbizo)* 1)
      The Knowledge Management South Africa Imbizo (KMSA Imbizo), formerly the Knowledge Management South Africa Convention (KMSA Convention), successor of the Southern African Knowledge Management Summit (SAKMS), provides a platform to showcase and interrogate the strategic value and practices of knowledge management as a key management discipline for the 21st century. It also serves as an opportunity for leaders and professionals in the knowledge management realm to connect and engage in robust dialogue and meaning making, participate in stimulating deep dives, as well as learning about latest developments, opportunities and challenges in the field.


Practitioner development masterclass series (Since 2024; every last Tuesday of the month – might have been CANCELLED)

    Jan 2024: Orientation – Induction and overview of modules, curriculum framework, learning outcomes, assignments
    Feb 2024: Foundational concepts, history, definitions, ISO 30401:2018
    Mar 2024: KM stages, KM processes, knowledge and learning products
    Apr 2024: KM transformation strategy and planning, KM transformation roadmap, the business case for KM
    May 2024: Assessing your organisation’s KM strengths and weaknesses
    Jun 2024: Integrated individual assignment due
    Jul 2024: Managing and leading KM implementation and a KM Project
    Aug 2024: Overview and understanding of KM Systems
    Sep 2024: Monitoring and measuring KM capability and maturity
    Oct 2024: The profile of a KM practitioner, future of work skills
    Nov 2024: Group assignment due


  • Jul 2024: Shifting your focus from knowledge capture to knowledge creation
  • Mar 2024: Knowledge automation through using Generative AI
  • Oct 2023: (CANCELLED, KM Week webinars instead) Knowledge Management is essential as organisations strive to reskill and upskill employees in a disrupted world of work: tools and techniques
  • May 2023: (CANCELLED) Overview of Knowledge Management tools enabling virtual knowledge sharing
  • Sep 2022: Data Analytics Masterclass – no code AI and easy-to-use software; Practical application of Knowledge Management harvesting tools (CANCELLED)
  • May 2022: How to execute a Knowledge Management audit


Breakfast workshops

  • Sep 2020: (Johannesburg Virtual venue): ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems Workshop
  • Feb 2020: (Johannesburg): CANCELLED! (Feb. Webinar instead.)
  • Dec 2019: (Johannesburg) Knowledge Management as an Alternative Skills Development Platform for Sustainable Employment in the Chemical Sector (POSTPONED)
  • Nov 2019: (Johannesburg) tba (POSTPONED)
  • May 2019: (Johannesburg) tba (CANCELLED)
  • Mar 2019: (Johannesburg) Leveraging/ Harnessing Knowledge for Innovation (announced is also: Top Knowledge Management Trends for 2019?)
  • Dec 2018: (Johannesburg) Adopting the Digital Mindset
  • Jun 2018: (Johannesburg) Uncomplicating the Complex World of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mar 2018: (Johannesburg) Knowledge Management: The Agile Way – How to apply agility in creating, retaining, sharing and utilising knowledge better

Dinner Events

  • Jul 2018: (Pretoria) Fourth Industrial Revolution, Big Data: What does it mean for us as Knowledge Management Professionals? – An evening with Professor Eric Tsui


  • Nov 2024: To enhance, or not to enhance, your KM governance framework
  • Oct 2024: What does KM and UX have in common?
  • Sep 2024: Is data still the new oil of the digital economy?
  • May 2024: The implication of knowledge management in growing technical skills (was: Social and collaboration technologies for knowledge automation)
  • Apr 2024: Knowledge discovery – the art of using data to tell a story (was: Knowledge discovery – tools, tips and tricks)
  • Nov 2023: (CANCELLED) Recognising knowledge as a strategic asset: prioritising what knowledge an organisation needs to get or keep
  • Oct 2023: KMSA KM Week (part of the Global Knowledge Week, 2 h webinars together w. Botswana Knowledge Management Community and Namibia Knowledge Management Forum)
    • Day 1: Academic Network: The Impact of KM in Sustainable Development: Knowledge Science as a Field of Study to solve National Development Challenges; Emerging Technologies and KM Advancements – a Future focused Session; Reflection & KM Agenda
    • Day 2: KMGN HacKMthon (6 h)
    • Day 3: KM Policy: Conversational Leadership: KM Policy Callenges and Opportunities – Lessons Learned; Reflection & KM Agenda
    • Day 4: KM for Service Delivery: Keynote; Auditor General: KM and Implementation Strategies; Road Accident Fund: KM Case Studies and Implementation Strategies; Reflection & KM Agenda
    • Day 5: KMSA Agenda: Reflections on HackMthon; Consolidation the KM Agenda: Development of an Action Plan for 2024
  • Aug 2023: (CANCELLED) How do we define our Knowledge Management space in the era of where we are? (Virtual Knowledge Café)
  • Jul 2023: “Data rich, but knowledge poor”: tactics for Knowledge Management practitioners to address this aspect
  • Jun 2023: (CANCELLED) AI, ML, cloud are not traditionally part of the Knowledge Management practitioners toolkit – key considerations
  • Mar 2023: The metaverse and implications for Knowledge Management and practitioners
  • Nov 2022: (CANCELLED) Writing a business case for a Knowledge Management project: Practical tools, techniques and tips
  • Jun 2022: Knowledge Management and 4th Industrial Revoplution, key considerations
  • Feb 2022: Computer-based knowledge management systems in modern day healthcare institutions
  • Oct 2021: Enabling National water security through knowledge and information management – Lessons from the National Water Security Framework (NWSF) development
  • Jul 2021: CANCELLED
  • Jun 2021: CANCELLED
  • May 2021: Knowledge Management in the digital age: a new regime for Knowledge Management offering
  • Apr 2021: Creating value from knowledge: the case of innovative solutions for social good
  • Mar 2021: Knowledge management – Igniting small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) and start-ups
  • Nov 2020: Reflecting on COVID19, lessons and opportunities (RoundTable with Knowledge Management Practitioners); Learning and emerging key skills and competencies: An input from LinkedIn Learning (Trends and Insights)
  • Oct 2020: Change Management: Change Leadership for Knowledge Management
  • Sep 2020: Mass Food Markets as Foundations of Knowledge, Resilience and African Memory
  • Aug 2020: Knowledge Management in COVID-19 times: Now, Next and Beyond
  • Jun 2020: Knowledge Management Implementation using Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Principles in Knowledge Marketplace – A Practitioner’s perspective
  • May 2020: Decades of Knowledge Management developments in Hong Kong with highlights from the Hong Kong Police Force
  • Apr 2020: Afcons Infrastructure (India): Case Study of a GLOBAL MIKE Winner; Pandemic of Under-Preparedness: Digital Workplaces and the Organisational Response to COVID-19
  • Mar 2020: tba (POSTPONED to April!?)
  • Feb 2020: Knowledge Ready Organisation versus Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise – Celebrating Excellence in Knowledge Management Execution
  • Jan 2020: Knowledge Management Foresight: Global Trends for 2020
  • Oct 2019: Things that a Seriously Smart Organization does Daily: A Simple Framework for Working Out Loud
  • Sep 2019: tba (CANCELLED)
  • Jul 2019: tba
  • Jun 2019: Implementing a Successful Knowledge Management Program
  • Apr 2019: An Introduction to Conversational Leadership
  • Feb 2019: Developing a Knowledge Management Roadmap (ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems – Requirements)
  • Oct 2018: Implementing Knowledge Management System
  • May 2018: Developing a Knowledge Management Business Case and Strategy

Panel discussions

  • Jun 2024: (CANCELLED) Creating “space” for knowledge sharing
  • Feb 2024: (CANCELLED) Reporting line of a KM function for optimal success: cases and use cases, different models (re-scheduled from May 2023)
  • Sep 2023: Collaboration: Applying and adapting a Knowledge Management (KM) practitioner’s toolkit in a hybrid Knowledge Management (KM) future (planned was: Acceptance and adoption of Knowledge Management, should we change the words “knowledge management”?)
  • May 2023: The Success of Knowledge Management in an Organisation; Reporting line of a Knowledge Management function for optimal success: cases and use cases, different models (POSTPONED to Feb 2024)
  • Oct 2022: (CANCELLED) When you get stuck with Knowledge Management, how do you move forward?
  • Aug 2022: Making Knowledge Management a value-creating competency: A paradigm shift for KMers
  • Jul 2022: Knowledge Management practitioner accreditation (CANCELLED)


  • Board & Board Committee Meetings: (quarterly)

    2020: 8 February, 19 May, 14 July, 24 November
    2019: 25 February 2019, 27 May 2019, 16 September 2019, 25 November 2019
    2018: 26 February 2018, 28 May 2018, 17 September 2018, 26 November 2018
  • Annual General Meetings (in conjunction with the KMSA Convention):
    Nov 2023; …; Aug 2019; Aug 2017
  • Nov 2016: KMSA society launch event (Host: Air Traffic and Navigation Services)
  • Jul 2016: KM Study Group (to facilitate the formation of a KM Society in South Africa)


KMSA Awards for Exellence – Celebrating the Best of Knowledge Management (in conjunction with the KMSA Imbizo)

  • KMSA Award for Leadership (KMSA membership and certification req.)
      Sub-categories: Certified KM Master, Certified KM Specialist, Certified KM Practitioner
  • KMSA Good Practice Award (KMSA membership req.)
  • KMSA Award for Leadership (KMSA membership req.)
  • KMSA Award for Outstanding Student (KMSA membership req.)
  • KMSA Academic’s Award (KMSA membership req.)
    • 2023: TBD
  • KMSA Chairpersons Award: Nominees & Winners (in conjunction with the KMSA Imbizo; KMSA membership req.)
    • 2023:
      • Individual: Fezile Njokweni (Senior Manager, eThekwini Municipality)
      • Organization: TBD
    • 2022: Kholane Chauke (Knowledge and Learning Lead, Industrial Development Corporation), Hein Spingies (Knowledge Management Manager, Road Accident Fund), Mbalenhle Buthelezi (Senior Research Development and Knowledge Management Specialist, National Lotteries Commission)

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