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Knowledge Management South Africa (KMSA) society offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


KMSA Professional Designations “by Recognition” (in the planning)

  • Certified Knowledge Management Practitioner (CKMP/CKM-Prac.)
  • Certified Knowledge Management Specialist (CKMS/CKM-Spec.)
  • Certified Knowledge Management Master (CKMM/CKM-Mas.)


  • Knowledge Management South Africa Convention (KMSA Convention)* 1)


Breakfast workshops

  • Sep 2020: (Johannesburg Virtual venue): ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems Workshop
  • Feb 2020: (Johannesburg): CANCELLED! (Feb. Webinar instead.)
  • Dec 2019: (Johannesburg) Knowledge Management as an Alternative Skills Development Platform for Sustainable Employment in the Chemical Sector (POSTPONED)
  • Nov 2019: (Johannesburg) tba (POSTPONED)
  • May 2019: (Johannesburg) tba (CANCELLED)
  • Mar 2019: (Johannesburg) Leveraging/ Harnessing Knowledge for Innovation (announced is also: Top Knowledge Management Trends for 2019?)
  • Dec 2018: (Johannesburg) Adopting the Digital Mindset
  • Jun 2018: (Johannesburg) Uncomplicating the Complex World of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mar 2018: (Johannesburg) Knowledge Management: The Agile Way – How to apply agility in creating, retaining, sharing and utilising knowledge better

Dinner Events

  • Jul 2018: (Pretoria) Fourth Industrial Revolution, Big Data: What does it mean for us as Knowledge Management Professionals? – An evening with Professor Eric Tsui


  • Jul 2021: CANCELLED
  • Jun 2021: CANCELLED
  • May 2021: Knowledge Management in the digital age: a new regime for Knowledge Management offering
  • Apr 2021: Creating value from knowledge: the case of innovative solutions for social good
  • Mar 2021: Knowledge management – Igniting small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) and start-ups
  • Nov 2020: Reflecting on COVID19, lessons and opportunities (RoundTable with Knowledge Management Practitioners); Learning and emerging key skills and competencies: An input from LinkedIn Learning (Trends and Insights)
  • Oct 2020: Change Management: Change Leadership for Knowledge Management
  • Sep 2020: Mass Food Markets as Foundations of Knowledge, Resilience and African Memory
  • Aug 2020: Knowledge Management in COVID-19 times: Now, Next and Beyond
  • Jun 2020: Knowledge Management Implementation using Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Principles in Knowledge Marketplace – A Practitioner’s perspective
  • May 2020: Decades of Knowledge Management developments in Hong Kong with highlights from the Hong Kong Police Force
  • Apr 2020: Afcons Infrastructure (India): Case Study of a GLOBAL MIKE Winner; Pandemic of Under-Preparedness: Digital Workplaces and the Organisational Response to COVID-19
  • Mar 2020: tba (POSTPONED to April!?)
  • Feb 2020: Knowledge Ready Organisation versus Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise – Celebrating Excellence in Knowledge Management Execution
  • Jan 2020: Knowledge Management Foresight: Global Trends for 2020
  • Oct 2019: Things that a Seriously Smart Organization does Daily: A Simple Framework for Working Out Loud
  • Sep 2019: tba (CANCELLED)
  • Jul 2019: tba
  • Jun 2019: Implementing a Successful Knowledge Management Program
  • Apr 2019: An Introduction to Conversational Leadership
  • Feb 2019: Developing a Knowledge Management Roadmap (ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems – Requirements)
  • Oct 2018: Implementing Knowledge Management System
  • May 2018: Developing a Knowledge Management Business Case and Strategy


  • Board Meetings:
    2020: 8 February, 19 May, 14 July, 24 November
    2019: 25 February 2019, 27 May 2019, 16 September 2019, 25 November 2019
    2018: 26 February 2018, 28 May 2018, 17 September 2018, 26 November 2018
  • Annual General Meetings (in conjunction with the KMSA Convention):
    Aug 2017; Aug 2019
  • Nov 2016: KMSA society launch event



  • Knowledge Management Standardisation project
  • Knowledge Management Professionalisation (Education & Training) Working Group


  • KMSA Awards for Exellence – Celebrating the Best of Knowledge Management (planned)
      Categories: KMSA Award for Leadership, KMSA Award for Good Practice, KMSA Award for Outstanding Student, KMSA Chairpersons Award (Note: KMSA membership req. for Leadership & Student award; KMSA Certified…req. for Leadership award)

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