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The University of South Africa (Unisa) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

College of Economic and Management Sciences > Centre for Business Management (CBM)


(Short) Course/Learning Programme in Knowledge Management 1)

  • Programme in Knowledge Management
    (online, 6 months 1 year, HEQF level 6, 12 credits)
  • Course in Knowledge Management: Principles and Practices of Knowledge Management and Innovation” (CIKM015)**
    (online, 6 months, NQF level 5, 14 credits)
  • Course in Managing knowledge and skills for success in organisations (MKSPR)**
    (online, 6 months, SAQA level 5, 24 credits)

College of Human Sciences > School of Arts > Department of Information Science 2)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Master of Arts in Information Science (Research areas: Information and knowledge management; Indigenous knowledge systems)
  • Master of Information Science (Research areas: Information and knowledge management; Indigenous knowledge systems)
  • Doctor of Literature and Philosophy in Information Science (Research areas: Information and knowledge management; Indigenous knowledge systems)


  • May 2021: Knowledge Management for sustainable development: a proposed climate change framework for South Africa (inaugural lecture of Prof. Fombad)

UNISA Department of Information Science Alumni Breakfast

  • 2008: Knowledge Management (KM) in Higher Education: The Role of Librarians/Information Professionals


  • University of South Africa Biennial International Conference on Library and Information Science Research in Africa (UNILISA)* 3)
  • International Conference on Collaboration and Sharing of Knowledge, 30-31 July 2003, Pretoria, South Africa
    (Co-organized together with the Knowledge Management Society of South Africa (KMSSA))
    This conference will highlight theory and the successful applications of collaboration and sharing of knowledge in organizations.

      Collaboration and competition : knowledge in action
      Story telling : a tool for collaboration and sharing of knowledge
      The relationship between knowledge management, business intelligence and customer relationship management
      An integrated framework for knowledge management based on the characteristics of the American, Asian and African national cultures
      The position and role of the chief knowledge officer in South Africa : a discrepancy between theory and practice?
      De Beers : a diamond (and Knowledge) is forever!
      Knowledge management : a practical application of theoretical objectives
      The challenge to a contemporary knowledge worker : a troubadour of knowledge
      Knowledge sharing and distribution for the sustainable utilisation of estuaries in the Eastern Cape
      Developing a knowledge management (KM) strategy for Zimbabwean libraries
      Measuring KM and the economics of information
      Using infometrics for analysing indigenous knowledge
      Measuring collaborative performance
      The development and use of archives in knowledge management and people empowerment
      Knowledge management in Department of Land Affairs: a practical approach through Intranet development
      Tapping and unlocking indigenous knowledge on the World-Wide Web
      Knowledge management is critical for the implementation of development projects
      Collaboration and sharing of knowledge : role of consortia

      Workshop: Exploring standards for knowledgework

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