What Challenge is the Education in Knowledge Management?

Abstract: The aim of this paper is on the one hand to compare 19 knowledge management educational programs worldwide. Based on more than 15 criteria, the comparison will bring potential knowledge managers some insights into this field of education. On the other hand some short term courses in the German speaking countries will be listed.

In its new curriculum the Fachhochschul-Studiengang Informationsberufe (FHIB) – Information & Knowledge Management – will offer a new route specializing in knowledge management. This paper gives also some insights into the curriculum.

Manfred Koch: Knowledge Management (KM) is a critical success factor for each company: What Challenge is the Education in KM? in: Dosoudil Ilse (Hg.): Information und Wirtschaft: Aspekte einer komplexen Beziehung. WUV, 2003: 53-72

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  • Koch. M. (2002): Knowledge management — A comparison of educational programs worldwide. Paper presented at the 10th international BOBCATSSS Symposium 2002, Portorož, Slovenia, January 28-30, 2002.

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