Developing Standards for Knowledge Management Education Programs

Abstract: Purpose: The purpose of this study is to propose a framework for developing standards for knowledge management education programs from primary through tertiary levels. The lack of standards for knowledge management education is a significant challenge for the advancement of the field, for the sustainability of institutional programs, the future competencies of knowledge workers and the effective growth of knowledge organizations.
Design/methodology/approach: The research adopts and adapts the framework and methodology used to establish educational standards in computer science. The framework is presented as a focal point for discussion across the profession. Nine strands are derived from historical treatment of the discipline. Seven levels of learning are identified. Learning goals and objectives are developed for each level.
Findings: The research suggests that a lifelong learning model is definable for the field of knowledge management, just as it has been for other disciplines. The progressive learning model may produce high school graduates who are better prepared for knowledge work, a larger population of knowledge practitioners and professionals prepared to support and lead knowledge organizations and increased quantities and improved quality of knowledge management research. Finally, the progressive learning model may generate a new and increased demand for lifelong learning opportunities in the field of knowledge management.
Research limitations/implications: The research is intended as a focal point for discussion and review by knowledge management professionals and particularly educators around the globe. The research represents an important stage of development, but adoption is the final stage of this research.
Originality/value: While this research draws upon established theories and practices in the field, and learning frameworks from other domains, the context and the research results are unique.

Keywords: Lifelong learning, Knowledge management education, Knowledge management goals and objectives, Knowledge management strands, Progressive learning models

Denise A.D. Bedford, Marion Georgieff, Johel Brown-Grant, (2017) “Lifewide, lifelong comprehensive approach to knowledge management education – emerging standards“, VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems, Vol. 47 Issue: 4 (Special issue: Knowledge Management in education, education in Knowledge Management), pp. 467-489.

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