Evolution of knowledge management education

Abstract: Knowledge management – the ability of organizations to manage their knowledge efficiently – is becoming a crucial competency for entry into competitive organizations. While its importance as an emerging discipline is somewhat obvious by the attention it is getting and the corporate and academic power it is accumulating, some fundamental issues remain about knowledge management and the education of future practitioners. At present, institutions of higher learning are designing and developing KM programs within an uncertain theoretical and practitioner climate. A need exists for a clearly defined body of knowledge comprising KM. Yet today, course material is often based upon an ambiguous framework of information that is ubiquitous, vague and sometimes a repackaging of existing discipline material.

You will learn about:

  • Important policy, practitioner and theoretical implications of educational programs in KM and knowledge science
  • Institutional efforts to make sense of the broad spectrum of available material that is often conflicting and contradictory
  • Difficulties in developing programs that purport to teach this emergent discipline and convey principles, theories, techniques and methods
  • Efforts to arrange concepts associated with KM and knowledge science into a stable base of knowledge, and, if unsuccessful, the influences that may be barring stability

Presenters: Michael J.D. Sutton, McGill University; Brian (Bo) Newman, Knowledge Management Forum; Susan Gasson, Drexel University; Joanne Twining, University of Denver;

Michael J. D. Sutton, Michael Stankosky, Susan Gasson, Joanne Twining, Beverly Colby : Evolution of knowledge management education. Sponsored by SIG MGT, SIG KM. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Volume 39 Issue 1, 2002: 475.

Copyright © American Society for Information Science and Technology.

Panel Presentations:

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Related sources:

  • Brian (Bo) Newman: Evolution of Knowledge Management Education (SIGKM Panel Remarks). Panel on Evolution of Knowledge Management Education. ASIST 2002, November 20, 2002, Philadelphia, PA | Full text »

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