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The Human Capital Institute (HCI) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge Management: Managing Your Intellectual Assets** 1)
      The purpose of Knowledge Management
      The track record of Knowledge Management initiatives
      Knowledge Management lessons learned
      Knowledge management model with new roles and responsibilities
      Collections and connections
      Six cultural issues for both sharing and using knowledge in a global enterprise
      Knowledge Management as a change initiative
      A culture of knowledge sharing
      Accountability and recognition systems that impact knowledge management
      Risks in outsourcing


Talent Development > Knowledge Management Learning Track Webcasts (on Demand)

    Minimize Risk with Knowledge Retention Strategies
    Dynamic Learning Networks: How Humana Is Transforming Learning through Smart Knowledge Sharing

    May 2005: Protecting Deep Smarts in Manufacturing


    Jun 2013: Knowledge Retention: The EDSI Way

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