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The International Society for Knowledge Organization: Singapore Chapter (ISKO SG) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


(Awareness, sharing and training events on topics in knowledge organization)

  • Oct 2018: Build it So They Come: Designing a Knowledge System for Adoption (virtual and face to face joint “Information Innovation @ UTS” Seminar with the Information Innovation Group at University of Technology Sydney) – followed by ISKO SG AGM
  • Sep 2018: Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation: The role of Knowledge Management in building an agile workforce
  • Aug 2018: Pitching the Business Case for Knowledge Management to Senior Leadership
  • Jul 2018: Workshop: The Two Horizons of Digital Transformation: Project Value and Organisational Capability
  • Jun 2018: Post-Truth: Developing a Knowledge Organisation Response
  • Apr 2018: Panel on Digital Transformation – Journeys, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Jan 2018: Solving Business Problems with Search Based Apps
  • Nov 2017: Getting your organisation ready for the new ISO KM Standard, and the evolving role of the Knowledge and Information Manager; 2017 AGM and Exco election with talk on “Working with Consultants: How to Ensure Two-Way Capability and Knowledge Transfer”
  • Sep 2017: The Past and future of knowledge management
  • Aug 2017: Taxonomy and Search Disasters – and How to Avoid Them
  • Jul 2017: What Does it Take to Transfer Expertise?
  • Jun 2017: Knowledge management in Frameworks and Standards
  • May 2017: Governance for knowledge management and knowledge organisation – Panel
  • Apr 2017: Predicting Crowds on Public Transport
  • Feb 2017: Behind the Black Box of Search: Risk, Findability and Discovery
  • Jan 2017: Building the NASA taxonomy
  • Oct 2016: Site Visit to Singapore Management University (SMU) & talk on “Building a Successful Institutional Repository”
  • Sep 2016: Telling Stories with Data
  • Aug 2016: Site Visit to SPH Information Resource Centre
  • Jul 2016: IKO Workshops (1) Getting Started in Search, (2) Getting Started in Text Analytics
  • Jun 2016: Lessons Learnt from nearly 200 Knowledge Management Implementations in Asia (postponed)
  • May 2016: Search Among Secrets; Getting and Sustaining Buy In for Knowledge Management/Organization Projects
  • Apr 2016: The Singapore Power Knowledge Management Experience
  • Mar 2016: Reporting on the Knowledge Organisation Competencies Survey
  • Feb 2016: Unlock your Social Capital
  • Jan 2016: Planning for Enterprise Search
  • Nov 2015: Planning a Knowledge Portal

Site Visits

  • May 2018: Site Visit to the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA’s) Digital Planning Lab (DPLab)
    How the DPLab drives digital transformation and innovation in the URA
  • Mar 2018: Site Visit to Singtel
    50 Shades of Knowledge Management: Singtel’s knowledge management journey


  • Innovations in Knowledge Organisation Conference (IKO)*

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