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The International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO) 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Worldwide Chapters

  • …in Brazil (since 2007), China, Czech Republic*, Czechoslovakia / Slovakia*, France (since 1996), Deutsche Sektion (Germany + Austria + Switzerland) (since 1989), Iberico (Spain (since 1993) + Portugal) (since 2013), India (since 1990), Iran, Italy (since 2004), the Low Countries (covering Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands) (since 2019), Maghreb (Tunisia + Algeria + Morocco) (since 2010), Nordic Chapter (Denmark + Finland + Faeroe Islands + Iceland + Norway + Sweden)* (2007-2011), North America (Canada + USA) (since 2009), Poland (since 1995), Russia*, South America*, Singapore (since 2015), United Kingdom (since 2007), West Africa (since 2017)
  • Local contacts in: Australia, Hungary, Georgia, Northern Europe, Russia, Slovakia


Int’l conference in even years; Chapter conferences in uneven years

  • International Society for Knowledge Organization Conference (ISKO)*
  • European ISKO Conference, Bratislava, Slovakia, September 14-16, 1994
    (orgainzed by the ISKO Slovak Chapter)
    Conference Theme: Environmental knowledge organization and information management
  • ISKO Chapters’ Conferences
    (As for the active chapters and their conferences pls. refer to the chapter pages)

    • Russian Chapter
      • Third Russian ISKO Conference, 1998, Moscow, Russia
        Conference Theme: Library-Bibliographical Classification: New Horizons of the Knowledge Organization
      • Second Russian ISKO Conference, Moscow, Russia, May 16-18, 1995
        Conference Theme: Knowledge organization: Linguistic aspects
      • First Russian ISKO Conference, Moscow, Russia, May 10-14, 1993
        Conference Theme: Knowledge organization: Problems and tendencies
    • Czechoslovak Chapter (NISKO)
      • International conference on knowledge organization, terminology, and information access management (NISKO ’91), Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, May 13-16, 1991


  • Annual General Meeting incl. Biennial General Assembly (in conjunction with the ISKO Int’l Conference)

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