Knowledge Manager by Accident

Abstract: …In the current economic climate, more than ever, organizations are striving to be lean and more competitive. There is a great opportunity to work with clients to fill this need to survive and thrive. Once they understand the impact that knowledge, enterprise or document management can have on their bottom line, they clamor to find a consultant who can help them.

Independent information professionals have skills that can be adapted and applied in a way that may not have occurred to them: to help organizations that are desperate to find their information assets (paper, digital, knowledge) in information overload reality. Even in tough economic times, clients recognize the competitive advantage they will gain by being able to access their knowledge easily and quickly. We can fill this need.

Deb Hunt: The accidental knowledge manager: Another role for independent information professionals. Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Volume 37, Issue 1, October/November 2010 (Special Section: Adding value: The business of independent information professionals Part II: Services: Marketing, New Media, Writing, Consulting and Information Management), Pages 53–55

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