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The European Knowledge Management Forum (EKMF, European KM Forum or EKM-Forum), aka the KnowledgeBoard, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Summer Schools

  • KnowledgeBoard Knowledge Management Summer School (KMSS)**
    The Knowledge Management Summer School (KMSS) is aimed at researchers at Masters and Ph.D. level and at practitioners with an interest in research. Participants will gain insight into KM models, theories, technologies, learning models, and emerging and existing themes in the KM community of thinking. Research students will have the opportunity to discuss their work with other researchers, academics and practitioners in KM. They will be able to position and validate their work in the context of European KM research and ensure the practical and theoretical usefulness of their results.
    • 1st Knowledge Management Summer School (KMSS 2001), 17-21 September 2001, Bari, Italy
      Title: Developing, applying and validating Knowledge Management
    • 2nd Knowledge Management Summer School (KMSS 2002), 2-6 September 2002, Sophia Antipolis, France
      Title: The New Scope of Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice
    • 3rd Knowledge Management Summer School (KMSS 2003), 7-12 September 2003, San Sebastian
      Title: Knowledge Management in Action


  • KnowledgeBoard Fringe/Contactivity**
    The Contactivity/Fringe is a multi-network gathering of people around a topic in Knowledge Management. A constructivist conference within a Communities of Practice (CoPs) framework, combined with co-creation design and collaborative technology.
    • KnowledgeBoard Fringe, 7-8 November, 2005 Amsterdam, The Netherlands (at KCC Europe)
    • KnowledgeBoard Contactivity 2006, 10-11 April 2006, University of Greenwich, London, UK
      Gurteen Knowledge Cafe
      (in partnership with The London Knowledge Network and The Gurteen Knowledge Network)
    • 3rd KnowledgeBoard Contactivity, 29-30 November 2006, Israel
      A Nomad Exploration Tour: Exploring Knowledge Management the Israeli Way
  • Knowledge Management Summer Camp (KMSC), Portugal, 5-12 September 2004, Oeiras, Portugal
    The Knowledge Management Summer Camp (KMSS) a dynamic and innovative working format able to unleash the energy of creative thinkers. Especially dedicated to KM master and doctorate students but also open to practitioners and experts, the camp aims to create and explore the benefits of intense collaboration and learning experiences. The results of the interactions might emerge in the form of a future book.
  • Conference Workshops:
    Personal Knowledge Management?, 9 November, 2004 (at KM Europe)
    eBusiness – Collaboration in Online Communities of Practice, 20 October 2005 (at eChallenges)
  • Eurporan Knowledge Forum Monthly Themes (EKMF Monthly)**
    Online and offline workshops, discussion forums, surveys and interviews dedicated to a specific topic on Knowledge Management (initiated by the KM Implementation SIG)
    • Nov 2003: “How to exploit Knowledge for Innovation?”
    • Oct 2003: Communities of Practice and other networked organisations – how to organise your work and life? (announced: Knowledge-based Organisation – What does that mean for your business?)
    • (POSTPONED) Sep 2003: How to exploit knowledge for innovation?
    • Jun 2003: Knowledge Management Infrastructure and Tools – How can your Knowledge Management effort be supported?
    • May 2003: Winning strategies in the knowledge-based economy (host: Strategy and Vision SIG)
    • Apr 2003: Knowledge Management Disasters & Knowledge Management Victories: What is the impact of your Knowledge Management Initiative?
    • Mar 2003: Knowledge Management made in Europe: 30 terms for 30 countries
    • Dec/Jan 2002/3: Do I need Knowledge Management in my SME?
    • Nov 2002: Motivating knowledge workers: technology, rewarding and beyond (host: KM and Emotional Intelligence SIG)
    • Oct 2002 (1st): What type of business problems can you solve with Knowledge Management?


  • Online Workshops:
    14/06/06 Book of the Month: Knowledge Economies: Emerging Principles, Practices and Policies
    27/02/06 Charles Savage – online event
    09/01/06 Book of the Month: Deep Smarts

    14/12/05 Project of the Month: The “Knowledge Web” project – Bringing the current web to its full potential
    23/11/05 Book of the Month: Thinking for a Living
    14/09/05 Book of the Month: The World Cafe
    16/08/05 Book of the Month: The Engaged Enterprise
    16/06/05 Book of the Month: In Search of Innovation
    06/06/05 Project of the Month: aceMedia – advances in Semantic Web and multimedia content processing technology
    17/05/05 Project of the Month: REWERSE:
    20/04/05 Project of the Month: Mummy – research into mobile computing and Knowledge Management
    15/03/05 Project of the Month: MOSAIC – the future mobile and collaborative workplace
    24/02/05 Project of the Month: Wear-IT – the human and social challenges of wearable computing
    27/01/05 Book of the Month: Intellectual Capital for Communities

    14/12/04 Book of the Month: People-Focused Knowledge Management: How Effective Decision Making Leads to Corporate Success
    02/11/04: Project of the Month: The Symphony Way – Growth through Collaboration
    03/11/04: Project of the Month: RODEO – achieving adaptability and robustness in turbulent environments
    21/10/04 Project of the Month: Virtual Enterprise Forum (VE-Forum)
    24/08/04 Project of the Month: Multimedia Interaction for Learning and Knowing (MILK)
    22/07/04 Project of the Month: Disrupt It (DI): The DI Fast Assessment Tool
    14/07/04 The Innovation Superhighway
    23/06/04 The conversing company: a hub of innovation

    13/10/03 Inter-organisational working – i.e. communities with more than one or-ganisation represented
    27/10/03 New roles for 21st century organisations: The people who get knowledge flowing
    26/09/03 Live Trust debate hosted by John Moore of the Knowledge Management and Trust SIG

    24/04/03 Experience report on Knowledge Management in the Production industry
    17/04/03 Knowledge Management Measurement and Metrics – Contributions from the CEN work for a ‘European Guide to Good Practice in Knowledge Management
    15/04/03 How Knowledge Management affects the daily work of an individual – The impact of Knowledge Management on productivity and innovation of knowledge workers
    10/04/03 Assessing the impact of knowledge communities
    27/03/03 CEN Workshop about Knowledge Management glossary
    19/03/03 Online Workshop with Karl-Erik Sveiby
    13/03/03 CEN workshop to better understand the CEN current work
    12/03/03 What is the common terminology in Knowledge Management?
    04/02/03 First Tuesday – From a Network of Opportunities to a Knowledge Network

    28/11/02 Leading organizations where work is fun
    21/11/02 Models of Excellence and Organisational Alignment
    11/11/02 The Embedded Knowledge Worker
    24/10/02 The Role of Conversation in Knowledge Management
    01/08/02 Innovation Superhighway
    04/07/02 Knowledge Management Pitfalls and Challenges
    13/06/02 The Coaching Approach in Knowledge Management
    16/05/02 Innovation Management
    19/04/02 Standardisation in Knowledge Management
    14/02/02 Behavioural issues in Knowledge Management
    17/01/02 Knowledge Management within the UK National Health Service

    29/11/01 Knowledge Management games as tools for specifying Knowledge Management
    01/11/01 A Knowledge Management Practitioners Toolkit
    04/10/01 Scenarios for the Knowledge Economy
    09/08/01 Branding and Marketing a Knowledge Management Initiative
    12/07/01 Animating the system – the human dimensions of Knowledge Management
    14/06/01 The Role of Ontologies in Knowledge Management
    17/05/01 Games and action: an interactive approach towards Knowledge Management

  • EKMF Monthly Themes online and face-to-face Workshops, Case studies, etc.

Zones & Special Interest Groups

  • Zones: geographical or European language based areas
  • SIGs: The Human Side of Knowledge Management, Assessment and Measurement, Communities of Practice, Critical Incident Management, Innovation, K-Business, Knowledge Management & Emotional Intelligence, Knowledge Management Implementation, Knowledge Management Processes, Knowledge Management in The Public Sector, Knowledge Management in SMEs, Knowledge Management Standards, Knowledge Management & Trust, Knowledge Angels, Next Generation Technology for Knowledge Management, Quaerere, Space, Strategy and Vision, Theory & Terminology, Mumbai KM Community

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