Knowledge Aware Conference (KAConf)*

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The Knowledge Aware Conference (KAConf, Knowledge Aware or KA Conference), also known as the Auros Knowledge Aware Conference, formerly the Auros Knowledge Aware Engineering Conference (KAE Conference) and the Auros Engineering Knowledge Management Conference, is an annual two-day event that brings hundreds of leading organizations and engineering experts together to explore the Knowledge Aware approach.

Knowledge Integrator Nodes (KINs)

Abstract: The concept of the emergence of a knowledge integrator node in project teams or internal and external networks of a firm is explored. Aspects of the literature on the knowledge creation process and key actors and their roles and knowledge management in boundary-spanning networks development in multinational companies are presented. A grain trading

Champions Of Knowledge

Abstract: It has become a truism of the New Economy that a company’s most valuable asset is the knowledge in its workers’ heads. So more and more companies are making it a top priority to ease the flow of skills and experience among employees – to save the resources workers waste