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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), formerly the Confederation of Engineering Industry (CEI), Association of Indian Engineering Industry (AIEI)1), Indian Engineering Association (IEA), and the Engineering and Iron Trades Association (EITA), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Development Initiatives > Knowledge Management India / National Mission on Knowledge Management (KM India)2)


  • National Committee on Knowledge Management and Business Transformation (KMBT)3)
    • Task Force on Education and Collaboration with Colleges
    • Task Force on Developing a KM Benchmarking Framework and Building a Repository of Best Practices and Case Studies in KM
  • KMForum / Kcommunity India* (2008-2016; Bangalore and Mumbai are still active – see “Meetings”)
    • Local groups: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune
    • Special Interest Groups
      • Astro Guide to Knowledge Management – New Year Predictions!
      • Challenges in implementing Knowledge Management in any industry
      • Developing Enterprise 2.0 Apps
      • Intellectual Property
      • Legal Aspects Of KM
      • Knowledge Management & Innovation

Certification Courses

  • Knowledge Management Certification program @ Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune


  • Sep 2014: Workshop ‘Innovation and Knowledge Management: From Best Practices to Next Practices’ (2 days; 2x)
  • Feb 2010: Evolving an Enterprise 2.0 Strategy for Business Impact (1 day)
  • Oct 2009: Knowledge Management training workshop
  • Oct 2008: Session on Knowledge Management – Building Competitive Advantage (1 day)
  • Jan 2008: Seminar ‘The Innovation Superhighway: How to Manage, Measure and Profit from it’ (2 days)

Field Trips (CII National Missions on Knowledge Management Best Practices)

  • Dec 2016: Bangalore; Nov 2014: Singapore


  • CII Global Knowledge Summit*
      The CII Global Knowledge Summit, formerly the CII Knowledge Summit (2012-2014, 2019), CII National Knowledge Management Summit (2017), CII Knowledge Management Summit (2016, 2018), CII National Knowledge Summit (2015), KM India Summit (2009-2010), and KM India: The CII Knowledge Summit (2007-2008), is organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) as part of its ongoing development initiative.
  • Mumbai Knowledge Management Community Conference (MKMCC)**
      The Mumbai Knowledge Management Conference (Mumbai KM) is organized by the Mumbai Knowledge Management Community, the Mumbai chapter of the K-Community India, established by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). It is a complementary event for CII KM India Members.
  • Summit on “Knowledge Management in the BPO Space: Opportunities and Challenges”, 24 September 2008, CII, Gurgaon, India
    (Co-organizer: Business Process Industry Association Of India)

      The Summit on “Knowledge Management in the BPO Space: Opportunities and Challenges” will captures the challenges and the opportunities that arises while implementing a Knowledge Management system in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) environment.

      Opening Session:
      The Strategic Imperative of Managing knowledge

      Case Study on Knowledge Management in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
      Case Study on Knowledge Management in Healthcare
      Case Study on Knowledge Management in Life Sciences Marketing

      Challenges of Knowledge Management in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector
      The Media Knowledge Capture – Archiving & Dissemination of Solutions to the BPO Industry
      Applying Systematic Knowledge to Innovate
      Gaming The Gazelle – Technology an essential Knowledge Management tool
      Knowledge Management led Innovation in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


K-Community Bangalore (2005-present)
    Dec 2023: MXR Knowledge- AI and Organisational Impact: Startup pitches; Expert Insights (panel) (Orga.: (‘mixers across the world,’)
    Oct 2023: MXR Enterprise Digital Transformation: Startup pitches; KM case studies; Tribute to the late great Larry Prusak, KM pioneer and author; egal, strategy, international aspects of the knowledge economy (Expert Insights panel) (Orga.: (‘mixers across the world,’); Special KM Global Week meeting)
    Aug 2023: MRX Smart Work: Enteprise Tech / Automation and Beyond: Five startup pitches; Expert Insights: Solutions for Smart Work with Automation and Beyond (panel) (Orga.: (‘mixers across the world,’))
    Apr 2023: Enterprise AI & Knowledge Management: Five startup pitches (shortlisted, and coached via masterclass); Expert Insights and Investor Roadmaps (panel)
    Jan 2023: Knowledge Management: Case Studies and Digital Frontiers (Case study of Knowledge Management and Innovation at Tata Chemicals; Pitches and panel: Digital frontiers in the enterprise)

    Dec 2022: Knowledge Management: Resilience and 2023 Outlook (CKO roundtable: Three (1) lessons learnt from 2022, (2) plans for 2023, and (3) tips for KM professionals; Keynote: Organisations Frame and Learn from Failure; Other issues discussed; Open Discussion)
    Nov 2022: Knowledge Management: Trends, Careers, and Jobs (Roundtable: Three aspects of KM professional growth: entry-level jobs, mid-career roles & late career; Keynote: Digital platforms and inter-organisational knowledge strategies)
    Jun 2022: The Digital Edge: Tech Roadmaps & Impacts on Knowledge Management (KM Roundtable: Case studies of Tech Evolution and Outcomes; Keynote: KM and the Digital Advantage; Open Discussion; host: Manel Srinivas Nayak Institute of Management)

    Dec 2021: Knowledge Management Trends, Tips, Roadmaps (CKO roundtable discussion; host: Manel Srinivas Nayak Institute of Management)
    Aug 2021: Immersion and Inclusion: Frontiers of the Knowledge Economy (AR/VR and Organisational Learning; Lessons in bridging the digital divide)
    Jun 2021: Branding and Communication in Knowledge Management and Learning Initiatives (KM Branding @ Trianz, Afcons Infrastructure, Hinduja Global Solutions, Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, Grant Thornton, Acies Innovation)
    Apr 2021: Methodologies and Metrics: Case studies and impacts of knowledge management
    Mar 2021: Case Study: Knowledge Management at Grant Thornton; Expert session: Knowledge Management and Business Impact; Update on the CII Global Virtual Knowledge Summit 2021 (April 8-9); Open discussion and networking
    Feb 2021: Case Studies and Global Insights – Knowledge Management at Hinduja Global Solution; Failure Stories: Why they are important but so hard to share; Global Virtual Collaboration; Update on CII India Knowledge Summit 2021

    Nov 2020: Case Studies and Author Insights – Case Study: Knowledge Management at Unisys; Design Thinking and Knowledge Management; Knowledge-Driven Development; Update on activities of Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN)
    Sep 2020: Knowledge Management and Work From Home and Research Frontiers in the Knowledge Economy (panels)

    Oct 2018: Leading Digital Transformation in Innovation Economy (Panel Discussion)
    May 2018: Up-skilling the Knowledge Worker (Panel Discussion)
    Feb 2018: Design and Knowledge Sharing (Panel Discussion)

    May 2017: Knowledge co-creation (Panel Discussion; with NUMA)
    Apr 2017: Knowledge Management and Automation: Implementing the Opportunity Roadmap (Panel Discussion)

    May 2016: Talent Management and Knowledge Management (Panel Discussion)
    Mar 2016: Digital Trends in Knowledge Management (2 Panel Discussions)

    Jun 2015: Design thinking and Knowledge Management (Panel Discussion)
    Mar 2015: Knowledge Management, Big Data and Analytics (Panel Discussion)

    Sep 2014: Knowledge Management in the Information Technology Enabled Services Sector
    Jan 2014: Knowledge Management: The Year in Review (Panel Discussion)

    Sep 2013: Knowledge Confluence 2013 (full-day conference hosted by Wipro)
    Apr 2013: Knowledge Management & Organisational Alignment (Panel Discussion)

    Oct 2012: Knowledge Management and Product Management (Panel Discussion)
    Aug 2012 (#4/2012): Corporate Conversations and Knowledge Management (Panel Discussion)
    Apr 2012: Case Study: Knowledge Management at infrastructure group GMR
    Feb 2012: Knowledge Management strategies for delivery in IT companies (Panel Discussion)
    Jan 2012: Knowledge Management Strategy and Governance (Panel Discussion topics: Is Knowledge Management Losing Sight of the Bigger Picture?; Knowledge Management and Organisational Strategy; Knowledge Strategy for State and Society)

    Oct 2011: Knowledge and Innovation Management: Sustaining and Scaling Initiatives (Panel Discussion)
    May 2011: Knowledge Management and HR: Mutual Synergies? (Panel Discussion)
    Apr 2011: Knowledge Management and Innovation: Converging or Complementary Practices? (Panel Discussion)

    Dec 2010: Case Study: Knowledge Management at Titan Industries
    Sep 2010: Need for and experiences in Knowledge sharing
    Aug 2010: Knowledge Management Strategies: Formulation and Evolution (Panel Discussion)
    Jun 2010: Embedding Knowledge Management in Organisational Workflow and Culture
    Apr 2010: Conversational Flows for Knowledge Sharing
    Mar 2010: Innovation (Roundtable; with Social Media Club Bangalore)

    Dec 2009: Wikipedia and Governance Models: Lessons for Knowledge Managers; Digital Content in India: Free and fee-based models (was: Open Content: Future of Intellectual Property and Knowledge)
    Nov 2009: Innovation Made Easy – Lessons from the Past & Present; Special Lecture: How NASA Learns and Reapplies Knowledge
    Oct 2009: at Oracle Office
    Jun 2009: Different aspects of nurturing innovation & knowledge organization
    Apr 2009:
    Mar 2009: Application of Knowledge Management in the Infrastructure Industry
    Jan 2009: If Knowledge is Power… Why am I always in the Dark?; Launch of new K-Community website

    Dec 2008: Putting Stories to Work; The MAKE Awards (Panel Discussion)
    Nov 2008: Social Software based Knowledge Management
    Oct 2008: Router Model of Knowledge Management
    Sep 2008: Applying collective intelligence to Knowledge Management
    Aug 2008:
    Jul 2008: Managing Knowledge in Large Transformational Projects (Panel Discussion)
    Jun 2008: Knowledge Management and Innovation: Synergy or Disconnect?; Knowledge Management and Innovation management: Is it a live-in relationship, marriage or already divorced? (Facilitated Discussion)
    May 2008: Balancing Innovation & Efficiency
    Apr 2008: Knowledge Management – The Honeywell Experience
    Mar 2008: Strategic Knowledge Management case study
    Feb 2008: India in the Knowledge Era (Panel Discussion)
    Jan 2008: Case Study: Knowledge Management @ Perot Systems

    Dec 2007: Foundations of Excellence in Knowledge Management
    Nov 2007: ?
    Oct 2007: Knowledge Management: State of Practice & Future Challenges
    Sep 2007: On Knowledge Creation: Implications for Research and Practice
    Aug 2007: Knowledge Management under Globalization 2.0
    Jul 2007: Unleashing the Knowledge Force
    Jun 2007: Expertise Transfer (ExTra)
    May 2007: Managing Knowledge at the Knowledge Level; Curriki: ELearning meets Wiki
    Apr 2007: Case Study: Knowledge Management @ Central Power Research Institute (CPRI)
    Mar 2007: Case Study: Knowledge Management at Wipro Technologies
    Feb 2007: Case Study: Deployment of Knowledge Management within Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
    Jan 2007: Enabling Knowledge Management with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server – a case study from industry

    Dec 2006: Bringing Innovation to the Workplace
    Nov 2006: Can India produce world-class ideas?

    Jun 2006: Ten Steps to Maturity in Knowledge Management: Lessons in Economy; Why Knowledge Management? (Roundtable discussion)

    Dec 2005: Knowledge Management at Eureka Forbes in Mumbai

    May 2005: 1st meeting

K-Community Chennai (2008-2015)
    Aug 2015 (KCC#53): The Science of…
    Feb/2015 (KCC#52): How can Parents Empower Student Learning

    Dec 2014 (KCC#51): Enabling Effective Handshakes between Industry and Academia
    Sep 2014 (KCC#50): KCommunity Chennai – 6 Years and 50 Editions; A Practitioner’s perspective on Knowledge Management; BRAND YOU – Insights on Personal Branding
    May 2014 (KCC#49): Challenges faced in Talent Pool Feed/Need
    Mar 2014 (KCC#48): Building Sustainable Careers for Women; Investment Intelligence for Women
    Feb 2014 (KCC#47): Understanding Personality Types using Enneagram
    Jan 2014 (KCC#46): Learning to Think through the Simple Pendulum

    Oct 2013 (KCC#44): Technology Implications on Supply Chain Management; Creative Thinking
    Sep 2013 (KCC#43): Students are not readily employable (Panel Discussion)
    Aug 2013 (KCC#42): Emotional Freedom Technique; Aligning our Food, Thoughts and Life with Mother Nature
    Jul 2013 (KCC#41): Integral Leadership Development; Gandhi’s Ideas on Development
    Jun 2013 (KCC#40): Communities and Collective Intelligence
    Apr 2013 (KCC#39): My Volunteering World; Prakriti and its Gunas
    Mar 2013 (KCC#38): K-Gini Coefficient Approach; Assessing One’s Ego-state using TA
    Feb 2013 (KCC#37): Experiences in Logistics Designing; Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable
    Jan 2013 (KCC#36): Knowledge Management in Box Office; Co-Creation

    Dec 2012 (KCC#35): Social Kaun Banega Crorepati (Quiz)
    Nov 2012 (KCC#34): Communicating across the Cultural Divide; SOS — The Art of Forgiveness
    Oct 2012 (KCC#33): Should Management be Centralized, Decentralized or Self-Managed (Panel Discussion)
    Sep 2012 (KCC#32): ‘Out of Syllabus’ – Lessons to learn for a better future; Creating Flexi Careers for Women in India
    Aug 2012 (KCC#31): Exploring the Scientific Techniques of Yoga for Healthy Living; Technology, Trends and Challenges in Higher Learning
    Jul 2012 (KCC#30): Personal Productivity Tools (Unconference)
    Jun 2012 (KCC#29): Key Techniques and Trends in Market Research; Application of NLP at work
    May 2012 (KCC#28): Decoding Success; Revisiting the 11 Deadly Sins of Knowledge Management
    Apr 2012 (KCC#27): Social media in various industries – Trends, Insights and anecdotes; Logic, Epistemology and Fallacies
    Mar 2012 (KCC#26): Technology in Logistics Industry; Applying Mind-Map to Breakthrough Thinking
    Feb 2012 (KCC#25): Process & Culture Vs Outcome – Group Discussion
    Jan 2012 (KCC#24): Challenges in setup and sustainance of the Third Eye Foundation; Challenges faced during setup of Merrill India Centre

    Dec 2011 (KCC#23): Applying Knowledge Management and Change Management in Healthcare Industry; Knowledge Management & Social Media in Government & Legal
    Nov 2011 (KCC#22): Journey of Sight; Bodhbridge: Entrepreneurial Journey
    Oct 2011 (KCC#21): Customer Co-creation; Creativity in Research
    Sep 2011 (KCC#20):
    Aug 2011 (KCC#19): How can we leverage Communities in an Organisation to meet “What” kind of business goals – focus measurement” (Unconference)
    Jul 2011 (KCC#18): Pecha Kucha: (1) Knowledge about Knowledge; (2) Surviving Knowledge Management; (3) Solar Projects benefiting Rural India
    Jun 2011 (KCC#17): Evolving Organizations; Future of Learning
    May 2011 (KCC#16): Expectations from the Edcuation System (Panel Discussion)
    Apr 2011 (KCC#15):
    Mar 2011 (KCC#14): Everything you always wanted to know about Knowledge Management (Unconference)
    Feb 2011 (KCC#13): Knowledge Management in Education (Knowledge Cafe (Round Table))
    Jan 2011 (KCC#12): Knowledge is Power. Why share it? (Debate)

    Dec 2010 (KCC#11): Innovation and Business Excellence in SMEs: Insights from Research; Knowledge Management and Co-opetition; Knowledge Management at Tata Chemicals; Work-Life Balance, Stress and Employee Attrition: Insights from the Indian Hotel Industry
    Nov 2010 (KCC#10): Talks on “Change Management”
    Aug 2010 (KCC#09) How can we use web2.0 to build effective knowledge sharing communities (Using Wikis for collaboration; using Social Networks for Knowledge Management)
    May 2010 (KCC#08): Open Innovation Vs. Closed Group Innovation (Debate)
    Mar 2010 (KCC#07): Return on Investment (ROI) in Knowledge Management/Innovation (Knowledge Management at Ford; Innovation in Public Sector; Knowledge Management & ROI)

    Dec 2009 (KCC#06): Knowledge Management in microfinance; Knowledge Management in construction industry; Information & Intelligence; Technology for Knowledge Management/Innovation; Knowledge Management at Zoho;… tbc (Lightning Talks – 8 Speakers with 8 minutes)
    Aug 2009 (KCC#05): Role of Knowledge Management in Workforce Transformation
    May 2009 (KCC#04):
    Jan 2009 (KCC#03):

    Nov 2008 (KCC#02): K-Community Unconference, Chennai, November 18, 2008
    Sep 2008 (KCC#01): KMForum Chennai – Launch

K-Community Dehli (2010-2012)
    Oct 2012:
    Aug 2012: People ask us why should we do Knowledge Management in difficult times (Problem Creator Session)

    Nov 2011: Knowledge management at National Productivity Council; Delhi K-Community introduction deck; Delhi K-Community Core and Working group (Community meeting)
    Oct 2011: Delhi K-Community publishing (whitepaper, Point of View (PoV) documents, blog) & marketing (outreach committee) (Community meeting)
    Sep 2011: How to increase participation and sustain members in the Delhi K-Community (Community meeting)
    Apr 2011: The 3Cs: Content, collaboration & community (Learning session #7)
    Mar 2011: Delhi K-Community Learning Session #6
    Feb 2011: Delhi K-Community Learning Session #5

    Dec 2010: Delhi K-Community Learning session #3
    Nov 2010: Introducing Microblogging (Learning session #2)
    Oct 2010: Delhi K-Community Learning session #1

K-Community Hyderabad (2008-2011)
    Jan 2011: Emotional Intelligence & Knowledge Management
    Oct 2008: Knowledge Management – Building Competitive Advantage
Mumbai KM Community
    Jan 2019 (#21): Introduction to the ISO 30401 International Knowledge Management Standard

    Jun 2016: Dentons, The World’s Largest Law Firm Shares it’s Knowledge Management Story

    Dec 2013 (#17): Mumbai KM Community Meeting
    Jun 2012 (#15): Mumbai KM Community Meeting with Dr. Edward Rogers, Chief Knowledge Officer NASA
    Apr 2012 (#14): Knowledge Management at iGATE Patni
    Jan 2011 (#13): Knowledge Management at Siemens Information Systems and KAAS (knowledge as a service)
    Nov 2010 (#12): The KM Story of KPMG – Challenges, Solutions and Context
    Oct 2010 (#11): Implementing Knowledge Management – Overcoming Challenges and Exploring Solutions
    Jun 2010 (#10): The People CMM Framework and Knowledge Management
    Apr 2010 (#09): KM Community meeting presented by Tata Chemicals
    Feb 2010 (#08): Mumbai KM Community meeting presented by L&T
    18th December 2009

    Nov 2009 (#06): From Information Management to Knowledge Management – The EXIM Journey
Pune KM Community
    Nov 2014: Pune KM Community Meeting

    Jul 2013: MangoApps and kPoint
    Jun 2013: Opening Minds to the Power of Conversation
    Apr 2013: Knowledge at the Bottom of the Pyramid – Lessons from an Infrastructure and Construction Conglomerate

    Feb 2012: Trends, opportunities and challenges in Knowledge Management (Panel Discussion)

    Aug 2010: First Pune KM Community meeting
IGATE K-Café series @ Bangalore


    Nov 2016: Knowledge Management as a career option for Gen Y
    Oct 2016: Improving Business Results Through Engagement & Collaboration-The Kai Po Chi Way
    Sep 2016: The New Face of Knowledge management

    2014: Webinar Series on “Elements of Knowledge Management” (by TCS, Infosys, Wipro, MindTree, CGI and Tech Mahindra)

CII Institute of Quality


  • Nov 2012: Role of Knowledge Management for Organization’s Performance improvement in uncertain times (in conjunction with the CII National Quality Summit 2013)

Visionary Leaders For Manufacturing Institute (VLFM Institute)


Visionary Leaders in Manufacturing (VLFM) Knowledge e-Practice Program

  • Mar 2021: Accelerating Business Breakthroughs with Communities of Practice (CoP)

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