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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Development Initiatives > Knowledge Management India: Mission on Knowledge and Skills / National Mission on Knowledge Management (KM India)


  • Certification program on Knowledge Management 1)


  • Trainings, Workshops & Seminars on topics in Knowledge Management
    • 2014-11: Workshop on Innovation and Knowledge Management: From Best Practices to Next Practices
    • 2010-02: Evolving an Enterprise 2.0 Strategy for Business Impact (CII event)
    • 2009-10: Knowledge Management training workshop
    • 2008-10: Knowledge Management – Building Competitive Advantage
    • 2008-09: Knowledge Management in the BPO Space: Opportunities and Challenges
    • 2008-01: The Innovation Superhighway: How to Manage, Measure and Profit from it
  • CII National Missions on Knowledge Management (field trips) 2)
    – 2016-12: Bangalore; 2014-11: Singapore


  • National Committee on Knowledge Management and Business Transformation (KMBT) 3)
  • KMForum / Kcommunity India* (2008-2016)
    • Local groups: Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai
    • Special Interest Groups
      • Astro Guide to Knowledge Management – New Year Predictions!
      • Challenges in implementing Knowledge Management in any industry
      • Developing Enterprise 2.0 Apps
      • Intellectual Property
      • Legal Aspects Of KM
      • Knowledge Management & Innovation


  • Kcommunity India local chapters meetings on topics in knowledge management*
    • Monthly Kcommunity meetings
    • IGATE K-Café @ Bangalore
    • Mumbai KM Community Meeting
    • Pune KM Community meeting
    • K-Community Bangalore meetup
    • Kcommunity Chennai meeting
    • Hyderabad K Community meet up
    • Delhi K-Community Learning Sessions


  • …on topics in knowledge management
    – 2016 11: Knowledge Management as a career option for Gen Y


  • CII National Knowledge Management Summit (KM India)* 2)
  • Mumbai Knowledge Management Community Conference (MKMCC)** 4)

CII Institute of Quality


  • 2012-11: Role of Knowledge Management for Organization’s Performance improvement in uncertain times (along with CII NATIONAL QUALITY SUMMIT 2013)

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