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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Development Initiatives > Knowledge Management India: Mission on Knowledge and Skills / National Mission on Knowledge Management (KM India)

Certification Courses

  • Certification program on Knowledge Management 1)


Trainings, Workshops & Seminars on topics in Knowledge Management

  • 2014-11: Workshop ‘Innovation and Knowledge Management: From Best Practices to Next Practices’
  • 2010-02: Evolving an Enterprise 2.0 Strategy for Business Impact
  • 2009-10: Knowledge Management training workshop
  • 2008-10: Knowledge Management – Building Competitive Advantage
  • 2008-09: Knowledge Management in the BPO Space: Opportunities and Challenges
  • 2008-01: Seminar ‘The Innovation Superhighway: How to Manage, Measure and Profit from it’

Field Trips (CII National Missions on Knowledge Management Best Practices) 2)

  • 2016-12: Bangalore; 2014-11: Singapore


  • National Committee on Knowledge Management and Business Transformation (KMBT) 3)
    • Task Force on Education and Collaboration with Colleges
    • Task Force on Developing a KM Benchmarking Framework and Building a Repository of Best Practices and Case Studies in KM
  • KMForum / Kcommunity India* (2008-2016; Bangalore and Mumbai are still active – see “Meetings”)
    • Local groups: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune
    • Special Interest Groups
      • Astro Guide to Knowledge Management – New Year Predictions!
      • Challenges in implementing Knowledge Management in any industry
      • Developing Enterprise 2.0 Apps
      • Intellectual Property
      • Legal Aspects Of KM
      • Knowledge Management & Innovation


K-Community Bangalore (2005-present)
    Jan 2023: Knowledge Management: Case Studies and Digital Frontiers (Case study of Knowledge Management and Innovation at Tata Chemicals; Pitches and panel: Digital frontiers in the enterprise)

    Dec 2022: Knowledge Management: Resilience and 2023 Outlook (CKO roundtable: Three (1) lessons learnt from 2022, (2) plans for 2023, and (3) tips for KM professionals; Keynote: Organisations Frame and Learn from Failure; Other issues discussed; Open Discussion)
    Nov 2022: Knowledge Management: Trends, Careers, and Jobs (Roundtable: Three aspects of KM professional growth: entry-level jobs, mid-career roles & late career; Keynote: Digital platforms and inter-organisational knowledge strategies)
    Jun 2022: The Digital Edge: Tech Roadmaps & Impacts on Knowledge Management (KM Roundtable: Case studies of Tech Evolution and Outcomes; Keynote: KM and the Digital Advantage; Open Discussion; host: Manel Srinivas Nayak Institute of Management)

    Dec 2021: Knowledge Management Trends, Tips, Roadmaps (CKO roundtable discussion; host: Manel Srinivas Nayak Institute of Management)
    Aug 2021: Immersion and Inclusion: Frontiers of the Knowledge Economy (AR/VR and Organisational Learning; Lessons in bridging the digital divide)
    Jun 2021: Branding and Communication in Knowledge Management and Learning Initiatives (KM Branding @ Trianz, Afcons Infrastructure, Hinduja Global Solutions, Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, Grant Thornton, Acies Innovation)
    Apr 2021: Methodologies and Metrics: Case studies and impacts of knowledge management
    Mar 2021: Case Study: Knowledge Management at Grant Thornton; Expert session: Knowledge Management and Business Impact; Update on the CII Global Virtual Knowledge Summit 2021 (April 8-9); Open discussion and networking
    Feb 2021: Case Studies and Global Insights – Knowledge Management at Hinduja Global Solution; Failure Stories: Why they are important but so hard to share; Global Virtual Collaboration; Update on CII India Knowledge Summit 2021

    Nov 2020: Case Studies and Author Insights – Case Study: Knowledge Management at Unisys; Design Thinking and Knowledge Management; Knowledge-Driven Development; Update on activities of Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN)
    Sep 2020: Knowledge Management and Work From Home and Research Frontiers in the Knowledge Economy (panels)

    Oct 2018: Leading Digital Transformation in Innovation Economy (Panel Discussion)
    May 2018: Up-skilling the Knowledge Worker (Panel Discussion)
    Feb 2018: Design and Knowledge Sharing (Panel Discussion)

    May 2017: Knowledge co-creation (Panel Discussion; with NUMA)
    Apr 2017: Knowledge Management and Automation: Implementing the Opportunity Roadmap (Panel Discussion)

    May 2016: Talent Management and Knowledge Management (Panel Discussion)
    Mar 2016: Digital Trends in Knowledge Management (2 Panel Discussions)

    Jun 2015: Design thinking and Knowledge Management (Panel Discussion)
    Mar 2015: Knowledge Management, Big Data and Analytics (Panel Discussion)

    Sep 2014: Knowledge Management in the Information Technology Enabled Services Sector
    Jan 2014: Knowledge Management: The Year in Review (Panel Discussion)

    Sep 2013: Knowledge Confluence 2013 (full-day conference hosted by Wipro)
    Apr 2013: Knowledge Management & Organisational Alignment (Panel Discussion)

    Oct 2012: Knowledge Management and Product Management (Panel Discussion)
    Aug 2012 (#4/2012): Corporate Conversations and Knowledge Management (Panel Discussion)
    Apr 2012: Case Study: Knowledge Management at infrastructure group GMR
    Feb 2012: Knowledge Management strategies for delivery in IT companies (Panel Discussion)
    Jan 2012: Knowledge Management Strategy and Governance (Panel Discussion topics: Is Knowledge Management Losing Sight of the Bigger Picture?; Knowledge Management and Organisational Strategy; Knowledge Strategy for State and Society)

    Oct 2011: Knowledge and Innovation Management: Sustaining and Scaling Initiatives (Panel Discussion)
    May 2011: Knowledge Management and HR: Mutual Synergies? (Panel Discussion)
    Apr 2011: Knowledge Management and Innovation: Converging or Complementary Practices? (Panel Discussion)

    Dec 2010: Case Study: Knowledge Management at Titan Industries
    Sep 2010: Need for and experiences in Knowledge sharing
    Aug 2010: Knowledge Management Strategies: Formulation and Evolution (Panel Discussion)
    Jun 2010: Embedding Knowledge Management in Organisational Workflow and Culture
    Apr 2010: Conversational Flows for Knowledge Sharing
    Mar 2010: Innovation (Roundtable; with Social Media Club Bangalore)

    Dec 2009: Wikipedia and Governance Models: Lessons for Knowledge Managers; Digital Content in India: Free and fee-based models (was: Open Content: Future of Intellectual Property and Knowledge)
    Nov 2009: Innovation Made Easy – Lessons from the Past & Present; Special Lecture: How NASA Learns and Reapplies Knowledge
    Oct 2009: at Oracle Office
    Jun 2009: Different aspects of nurturing innovation & knowledge organization
    Apr 2009:
    Mar 2009: Application of Knowledge Management in the Infrastructure Industry
    Jan 2009: If Knowledge is Power… Why am I always in the Dark?; Launch of new K-Community website

    Dec 2008: Putting Stories to Work; The MAKE Awards (Panel Discussion)
    Nov 2008: Social Software based Knowledge Management
    Oct 2008: Router Model of Knowledge Management
    Sep 2008: Applying collective intelligence to Knowledge Management
    Aug 2008:
    Jul 2008: Managing Knowledge in Large Transformational Projects (Panel Discussion)
    Jun 2008: Knowledge Management and Innovation: Synergy or Disconnect?; Knowledge Management and Innovation management: Is it a live-in relationship, marriage or already divorced? (Facilitated Discussion)
    May 2008: Balancing Innovation & Efficiency
    Apr 2008: Knowledge Management – The Honeywell Experience
    Mar 2008: Strategic Knowledge Management case study
    Feb 2008: India in the Knowledge Era (Panel Discussion)
    Jan 2008: Case Study: Knowledge Management @ Perot Systems

    Dec 2007: Foundations of Excellence in Knowledge Management
    Nov 2007: ?
    Oct 2007: Knowledge Management: State of Practice & Future Challenges
    Sep 2007: On Knowledge Creation: Implications for Research and Practice
    Aug 2007: Knowledge Management under Globalization 2.0
    Jul 2007: Unleashing the Knowledge Force
    Jun 2007: Expertise Transfer (ExTra)
    May 2007: Managing Knowledge at the Knowledge Level; Curriki: ELearning meets Wiki
    Apr 2007: Case Study: Knowledge Management @ Central Power Research Institute (CPRI)
    Mar 2007: Case Study: Knowledge Management at Wipro Technologies
    Feb 2007: Case Study: Deployment of Knowledge Management within Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
    Jan 2007: Enabling Knowledge Management with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server – a case study from industry

    Dec 2006: Bringing Innovation to the Workplace
    Nov 2006: Can India produce world-class ideas?

    Jun 2006: Ten Steps to Maturity in Knowledge Management: Lessons in Economy; Why Knowledge Management? (Roundtable discussion)

    Dec 2005: Knowledge Management at Eureka Forbes in Mumbai

    May 2005: 1st meeting

K-Community Chennai (2008-2015)
    Aug 2015 (KCC#53): The Science of…
    Feb/2015 (KCC#52): How can Parents Empower Student Learning

    Dec 2014 (KCC#51): Enabling Effective Handshakes between Industry and Academia
    Sep 2014 (KCC#50): KCommunity Chennai – 6 Years and 50 Editions; A Practitioner’s perspective on Knowledge Management; BRAND YOU – Insights on Personal Branding
    May 2014 (KCC#49): Challenges faced in Talent Pool Feed/Need
    Mar 2014 (KCC#48): Building Sustainable Careers for Women; Investment Intelligence for Women
    Feb 2014 (KCC#47): Understanding Personality Types using Enneagram
    Jan 2014 (KCC#46): Learning to Think through the Simple Pendulum

    Oct 2013 (KCC#44): Technology Implications on Supply Chain Management; Creative Thinking
    Sep 2013 (KCC#43): Students are not readily employable (Panel Discussion)
    Aug 2013 (KCC#42): Emotional Freedom Technique; Aligning our Food, Thoughts and Life with Mother Nature
    Jul 2013 (KCC#41): Integral Leadership Development; Gandhi’s Ideas on Development
    Jun 2013 (KCC#40): Communities and Collective Intelligence
    Apr 2013 (KCC#39): My Volunteering World; Prakriti and its Gunas
    Mar 2013 (KCC#38): K-Gini Coefficient Approach; Assessing One’s Ego-state using TA
    Feb 2013 (KCC#37): Experiences in Logistics Designing; Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable
    Jan 2013 (KCC#36): Knowledge Management in Box Office; Co-Creation

    Dec 2012 (KCC#35): Social Kaun Banega Crorepati (Quiz)
    Nov 2012 (KCC#34): Communicating across the Cultural Divide; SOS — The Art of Forgiveness
    Oct 2012 (KCC#33): Should Management be Centralized, Decentralized or Self-Managed (Panel Discussion)
    Sep 2012 (KCC#32): ‘Out of Syllabus’ – Lessons to learn for a better future; Creating Flexi Careers for Women in India
    Aug 2012 (KCC#31): Exploring the Scientific Techniques of Yoga for Healthy Living; Technology, Trends and Challenges in Higher Learning
    Jul 2012 (KCC#30): Personal Productivity Tools (Unconference)
    Jun 2012 (KCC#29): Key Techniques and Trends in Market Research; Application of NLP at work
    May 2012 (KCC#28): Decoding Success; Revisiting the 11 Deadly Sins of Knowledge Management
    Apr 2012 (KCC#27): Social media in various industries – Trends, Insights and anecdotes; Logic, Epistemology and Fallacies
    Mar 2012 (KCC#26): Technology in Logistics Industry; Applying Mind-Map to Breakthrough Thinking
    Feb 2012 (KCC#25): Process & Culture Vs Outcome – Group Discussion
    Jan 2012 (KCC#24): Challenges in setup and sustainance of the Third Eye Foundation; Challenges faced during setup of Merrill India Centre

    Dec 2011 (KCC#23): Applying Knowledge Management and Change Management in Healthcare Industry; Knowledge Management & Social Media in Government & Legal
    Nov 2011 (KCC#22): Journey of Sight; Bodhbridge: Entrepreneurial Journey
    Oct 2011 (KCC#21): Customer Co-creation; Creativity in Research
    Sep 2011 (KCC#20):
    Aug 2011 (KCC#19): How can we leverage Communities in an Organisation to meet “What” kind of business goals – focus measurement” (Unconference)
    Jul 2011 (KCC#18): Pecha Kucha: (1) Knowledge about Knowledge; (2) Surviving Knowledge Management; (3) Solar Projects benefiting Rural India
    Jun 2011 (KCC#17): Evolving Organizations; Future of Learning
    May 2011 (KCC#16): Expectations from the Edcuation System (Panel Discussion)
    Apr 2011 (KCC#15):
    Mar 2011 (KCC#14): Everything you always wanted to know about Knowledge Management (Unconference)
    Feb 2011 (KCC#13): Knowledge Management in Education (Knowledge Cafe (Round Table))
    Jan 2011 (KCC#12): Knowledge is Power. Why share it? (Debate)

    Dec 2010 (KCC#11): Innovation and Business Excellence in SMEs: Insights from Research; Knowledge Management and Co-opetition; Knowledge Management at Tata Chemicals; Work-Life Balance, Stress and Employee Attrition: Insights from the Indian Hotel Industry
    Nov 2010 (KCC#10): Talks on “Change Management”
    Aug 2010 (KCC#09) How can we use web2.0 to build effective knowledge sharing communities (Using Wikis for collaboration; using Social Networks for Knowledge Management)
    May 2010 (KCC#08): Open Innovation Vs. Closed Group Innovation (Debate)
    Mar 2010 (KCC#07): Return on Investment (ROI) in Knowledge Management/Innovation (Knowledge Management at Ford; Innovation in Public Sector; Knowledge Management & ROI)

    Dec 2009 (KCC#06): Knowledge Management in microfinance; Knowledge Management in construction industry; Information & Intelligence; Technology for Knowledge Management/Innovation; Knowledge Management at Zoho;… tbc (Lightning Talks – 8 Speakers with 8 minutes)
    Aug 2009 (KCC#05): Role of Knowledge Management in Workforce Transformation
    May 2009 (KCC#04):
    Jan 2009 (KCC#03):

    Nov 2008 (KCC#02): K-Community Unconference, Chennai, November 18, 2008
    Sep 2008 (KCC#01): KMForum Chennai – Launch

K-Community Dehli (2010-2012)
    Oct 2012:
    Aug 2012: People ask us why should we do Knowledge Management in difficult times (Problem Creator Session)

    Nov 2011: Knowledge management at National Productivity Council; Delhi K-Community introduction deck; Delhi K-Community Core and Working group (Community meeting)
    Oct 2011: Delhi K-Community publishing (whitepaper, Point of View (PoV) documents, blog) & marketing (outreach committee) (Community meeting)
    Sep 2011: How to increase participation and sustain members in the Delhi K-Community (Community meeting)
    Apr 2011: The 3Cs: Content, collaboration & community (Learning session #7)
    Mar 2011: Delhi K-Community Learning Session #6
    Feb 2011: Delhi K-Community Learning Session #5

    Dec 2010: Delhi K-Community Learning session #3
    Nov 2010: Introducing Microblogging (Learning session #2)
    Oct 2010: Delhi K-Community Learning session #1

K-Community Hyderabad (2008-2011)
    Jan 2011: Emotional Intelligence & Knowledge Management
    Oct 2008: Knowledge Management – Building Competitive Advantage
Mumbai KM Community
    Jan 2019 (#21): Introduction to the ISO 30401 International Knowledge Management Standard

    Jun 2016: Dentons, The World’s Largest Law Firm Shares it’s Knowledge Management Story

    Dec 2013 (#17): Mumbai KM Community Meeting
    Jun 2012 (#15): Mumbai KM Community Meeting with Dr. Edward Rogers, Chief Knowledge Officer NASA
    Apr 2012 (#14): Knowledge Management at iGATE Patni
    Jan 2011 (#13): Knowledge Management at Siemens Information Systems and KAAS (knowledge as a service)
    Nov 2010 (#12): The KM Story of KPMG – Challenges, Solutions and Context
    Oct 2010 (#11): Implementing Knowledge Management – Overcoming Challenges and Exploring Solutions
    Jun 2010 (#10): The People CMM Framework and Knowledge Management
    Apr 2010 (#09): KM Community meeting presented by Tata Chemicals
    Feb 2010 (#08): Mumbai KM Community meeting presented by L&T
    18th December 2009

    Nov 2009 (#06): From Information Management to Knowledge Management – The EXIM Journey
Pune KM Community
    Nov 2014: Pune KM Community Meeting

    Jul 2013: MangoApps and kPoint
    Jun 2013: Opening Minds to the Power of Conversation
    Apr 2013: Knowledge at the Bottom of the Pyramid – Lessons from an Infrastructure and Construction Conglomerate

    Feb 2012: Trends, opportunities and challenges in Knowledge Management (Panel Discussion)

    Aug 2010: First Pune KM Community meeting
IGATE K-Café series @ Bangalore


    Nov 2016: Knowledge Management as a career option for Gen Y
    Oct 2016: Improving Business Results Through Engagement & Collaboration-The Kai Po Chi Way
    Sep 2016: The New Face of Knowledge management

    2014: Webinar Series on “Elements of Knowledge Management” (by TCS, Infosys, Wipro, MindTree, CGI and Tech Mahindra)


  • CII National Knowledge Management Summit (KM India)* 2)
  • Mumbai Knowledge Management Community Conference (MKMCC)** 4)

CII Institute of Quality


  • Nov 2012: Role of Knowledge Management for Organization’s Performance improvement in uncertain times (in conjunction with the CII National Quality Summit 2013)

Visionary Leaders For Manufacturing Institute (VLFM Institute)


VLFM Knowledge e-Practice Program

  • Mar 2021: Accelerating Business Breakthroughs with Communities of Practice (CoP)

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