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The University of Mysore (UoM; Kannada: ಮೈಸೂರು ವಿಶ್ವವಿದ್ಯಾನಿಲಯ) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

International School of Information Management (ISiM)1)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Doctoral Degree Programme (Ph.D) in Information Systems and Management (Research area: Knowledge Management)


  • InfoVision – The Knowledge Summit**2)
    InfoVision is a premier annual global Summit in India for the Knowledge Industry and Knowledge Society. The Summit focuses on a chosen theme each year and congregates leaders and professionals across the ‘Information and Knowledge Spectrum’ to come together and analyze the transformational trends and deliberate on the challenges. Experts from the industry and the academia join the debate and share their views. Best practices and success stories are showcased. InfoVision is an intellectual confederation of all stakeholders – academia, industry, government and the user groups, to meet as partners and to develop a unified framework and formulate strategies for capitalizing knowledge for performance.

    • 6th InfoVision 2012: The Knowledge Summit, October 19-20, 2012, SAP Labs, Bangalore, India
      Summit Theme: SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) is smart

        Pre-conference Workshops:
        Big data: Theoretical Engineering and Analytics Perspective
        Big data: NoSQL Technologies
        BI: Product management 101 for BI platform and application developers

    • 5th Infovision 2011: Information Excellence Summit, September 24–25, 2011, Infosys, Bangalore, India
      Summit Theme: The Data Differential or Data for Differentiation
      (Organizer: ISiM; Information Excellence Group)

        Big Trends in IM – Opportunities and Challenges
        Transformational Challenges with Big Data and Cloud
        Government Data and Macro Data environment (India) – UID
        Data for Business Differentiation Insights and Experiences
        Fundamentals of Analytics under the hood peek for the uninitiated

    • 4th InfoVision 2009: The Knowledge Summit, January 22-23, 2009, Bangalore, India
      Summit Theme: Content to Intent: Understanding user intent and context in multimodal, multilingual and mobile information access
      (Organizer: ISiM; Microsoft Research Bangalore)

        Sessions: (w. Keynote & Panel)
        Mobile Information Access
        Multimedia Information Access
        Multilingual Information Access
        Consumer Created Content
        eScience, eResearch and Cyber infrastructure
        Enterprise Content and Communication

        Intelligent Media: Promises and Challenges (Inaugural Session)
        Information Management: Challenges, Opportunities and Technology Trends (Vision Talk @ Wrap-up)

        Panel Presentations:

        Thomson Innovation Award 2009
        Keynote: The use of patent analytics in measuring innovation

    • 3rd Infovision 2007: The Knowledge Summit, December 17-18, 2007, Mumbai, India
      Summit Theme: Social Networks, Knowledge Discovery & Innovation
      (Organizer: ISiM; India)

        Sessions: (w. Keynote & Panel)
        Small World, Network Theories and Models
        Web 2.0 and Mashups
        Social Networking and the Semantic Web
        Weblogs and Wisdom of the Crowds
        Organizational Communication and Group Dynamics
        Networks, Creativity and Innovation
        Innovation and Knowledge Assets

        Panel Presentations:

        New Sciences for a New Web
        The Digital Ecosystem Framework & the Web 2.0 as a Knowledge Creation Process – What we learnt from the DEAL Project
        Web Search: Challenges, Directions Opportunities
        Weblogs and the Wisdom of the Crowds
        From Disasters to WoW: Understanding & Enabling Networks in 21st Century Organizational Forms
        Technology Support for Biomedical Hypotheses Generation
        Mapping Global Nanotechnology Innovations and Knoweldge

        Thomson Innovation Award Ceremony
        Keynote: Mapping Nanotechnology Innovations and Knowledge: Global, longitudinal, patent and literature analysis
        Thomson Innovation Award – Briefing

    • 2nd Infovision 2006: The Knowledge Summit, September 28–29, 2006, Bangalore, India
      Summit Theme: Knowledge, Content & Community: Methods and Models
      (Organizer: ISiM; CII Mission on Knowledge & Skills, Confederation of Indian Industry)

        Sessions: (w. Keynote & Panel)
        News and Media: Convergence and Disconnect
        Digital Libraries and Archiving Knowledge
        New Cyber Genres: Wikis, Blogs, Collaborative Tools and Models
        Enterprise Content Management
        Harnessing Business and Competitive Intelligence
        Innovation and Intellectual Property Management

        Managing Intellectual Capital (summit keynote)

        Panel Presentations:

        2006 India MAKE Award Ceremony
        Keynote: Becoming a Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise
        Panel Discussion (7 MAKE Award Winners)

    • 1st Infovision 2005: Information Industry-Academia Summit, September 15–16, 2005, Bangalore, India
      Summit Theme: Information landscape – Content, Technology and Stakeholders
      Sub-title: A Summit contouring the information landscape
      (Organizer: Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore; Informatics India)

        Sessions: (w. Keynote & Panel)
        IT & Information Management: Meeting and melding points
        Knowledge Management: Solutions & Practices
        E-Publishing: changing paradigms and shifting markets
        Search Engines & Data Mining
        E-Learning and Digital Libraries
        IPR: Ideologies, legalities and technologies

        Centripetal or Centrifugal Forces to Play? (Inaugural Session)
        Digital Neighborhoods in Everyday Lives
        Information & Expertise: The Fad and the Future of Knowledge Management
        Future of Search Experience
        Indian Intellectual Property – Proud Peacock and its clay feet
        Policy Framework for Information Society (Concluding Session)
        Towards Knowledge based India – Framework for Indian Society (Concluding Session)
        …n.a. (2)

        Panel Presentations:

        Launch of International School of Information Management (I-SIM)


  • Apr 2010: Social Network Analysis (SNA) Workshop
  • Mar 2008: Machine Learning Workshop
  • Mar 2007: Text Mining and Business Intelligence Workshop
  • Jan 2007: Information and Knowledge Audit – A Practical Introduction

B. N. Bahadur Institute of Management Studies (BIMS)3)


  • 12th International Society for Knowledge Organization – International Conference (ISKO 2012 International Conference), August 6-9, 2012, University of Mysore, Mysore, India
    Conference Theme: Categories, Contexts and Relations in Knowledge Organization (Dr. S. R. Ranganathans 120th birth anniversary event)
    (Host: University of Mysore, B. N. Bahadur Institute of Management Studies; Co-organizer: ISKO India Chapter, Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science)

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