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The Indepth Research Institute (IRES), formerly Indepth Research Services (IRES) and …, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certificate Training Courses

Knowledge and Records Management (KRM) Training Courses 1)

    Foundation Level Courses:
    Ethics of Knowledge and Record Management Course (5 Days)
    Improving Business Operations with Knowledge Management Systems Course (5 Days)
    Knowledge Management Course (5 Days)
    Applying Knowledge Management: Principles and Practices Course (5 Days)
    Knowledge Management Models for Human Resource Managers Course (5 Days)
    Developing Organizational Culture through Organizational Knowledge (5 days)
    Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Training Course (10 days)

    Intermediate Level Courses:
    Mastering Knowledge Mapping with MindMeister Course (5 days)
    Knowledge Management with Wiki Platforms Course (10 days)
    Mastering Knowledge Management with Oracle NetSuite (5 days)
    Knowledge Management and Record Management with Azure Archive Storage (10 days)
    Knowledge Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Course (5 days)
    Effective Record Management with KnowledgeOwl Course (5 days)
    Cultural Sensitivity for Knowledge Managers Course (5 days)
    Collaborating and Sharing Knowledge with Confluence (5 days)
    Knowledge Audit and Gap Analysis Course (10 days)
    Knowledge and Record Management Technique Course (5 days)
    Intranets and Portals for Knowledge Sharing Course (10 days)
    Harnessing Knowledge for Organizational Effectiveness Course (5 days)
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Knowledge Management Course (10 days)
    Knowledge Modeling Course (10 days)
    Foundations of creating a knowledge-based system in your organization Course (10 days)

    Advanced Level Courses:
    Create a Knowledge-Based System using Python Course (10 days)

    Past Training Courses:
    Knowledge Management Training Course (2 days)
    Training Course on Fundamentals of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Services (5 days)

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