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The Institute for International Research (IIR) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Institute for International Research (IIR) USA*


  • Braintrust International – Knowledge Management World Summit (Braintrust)**
  • Communities of Practice Conference**
  • Tacit Knowledge Roundtable**
  • Successfully Managing Knowledge Management Projects
    June 25 – 27 2001, Loews L’Enfant Plaza, Washington
  • Leveraging Your “Intellectual Capital” Through the Power of Storytelling: Exploring the Narrative Structures of Knowledge
    June 27 2001, The Watergate Conference Center, Washington
  • Knowledge Management Metrics
    July 23 – 25 2001, The Royal Sonesta Cambridge, Cambridge
  • NPD Collaboration
    July 23 – 25 2001, The Hilton San Diego Resort, San Diego
  • Bridging The Gap Between eLearning and Knowledge Management
    July 26 2001, Boston, MA,
  • Blended eLearning
    August 6 – 7 2001, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Chicago
  • Enterprise Ethnography
    August 20 – 21, 2001 Hyatt Regency Chicago
  • Managing and Measuring Your Intellectual Capital – Account for Your Knowledge Advantage, 20-21 March 2000, Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista
  • Collaborative Workplace: Ways To Increase Business Intelligence By Sharing Knowledge, 1-2 November Atlanta


  • Dec 2001: Utilizing Project Management Techniques, Strategies and Principles for Implementing Knowledge Management Initiatives

Institute for International Research (IIR) Deutschland* 1)


  • IIR Technology Web 2.0 Kongress**
  • IIR e-Collaboration Forum**
  • IIR Knowledge Management Praxisforum**
    • IIR Praxisforum Knowledge Management, 27.-29.November 2002, Mainz
      Konferenz-Thema: IT-gestütztes Wissensmanagement in der Unternehmenspraxis
    • IIR Praxisforum Knowledge Management, 19. November 2003, Offenbach
      Konferenz-Thema: Wissensmanagement in der Unternehmenspraxis – Stolpersteine vermeiden und Mehrwert generieren
    • IIR Praxisforum Knowledge Management, 23.-25. November 2004, Mainz
      Konferenz-Thema: Anwendungsfelder – Erfolgsfaktoren – Technologien
  • Knowledge to Process Forum, 8.-9. Mai 2007, Offenbach
    Untertitel: Das Forum für geschäftsprozessunterstützendes Wissensmanagement

Institute for International Research (IIR) UK


  • Optimizing Knowledge Management Conference, September 9-10, 1999, London, UK
  • Knowledge Management, 29-30 January 1997, London, UK
    Conference Theme: Overcoming the cultural barriers and building
    practical frameworks for effective Knowledge Management

Institute for International Research (IIR) Finland Oy


  • Knowledge Management – Conference, 11-12 May 1998, Helsinki, Finland
  • Knowledge Management – Conference, June 11-12, 1997, Helsinki, Finland


  • Jun 1998: Productive & Strategic Knowledge Management

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