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The Knowledge Management Cluster (KM Cluster), formerly the San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley Knowledge Management (KM) local Cluster of the Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI), 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Regional Groups
    – United States: Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, New England (Boston), New York City, Northern California, Ohio, San Francisco, Southern California, Texas, Rocky Mountain, Washington DC
    – United Kingdom: London
    – France: Paris
    – Canada: Toronto area
    – Mexiko: in planning


(Quarterly events)

  • San Francisco, Summer 1999: Context, Community, Collaboration, Content and Commerce: Building the Knowledge Enterprise
  • San Francisco, Fall 1999: Visualize Knowledge
  • San Francisco, Winter 1999: Setting the Pace: Knowledge Management needs steady, continuous attention to be applied effectively
  • San Francisco, Summer 2000:
    – Discussion Sessions: Preparing for the Extended Knowledge Enterprise; Knowledge Management Professional Development
    – Keynote: Value Networks & Knowledge Management
    – KM Exchange & Provider Presentations (eKnowledgeCente, WebEx, Plumtree Software, Autonomy, Tacit Knowledge Systems, KnowledgeTrack)
  • San Francisco, Fall 2000: Building Communities to Build Knowledge & Business Value
  • San Francisco, Winter 2001: The eKnowledge Marketplace Revolution
  • San Francisco, Summer 2001: The Semantic Web
  • San Francisco, Fall 2001: Knowledge Management & Communities 2001 West
  • San Francisco, Winter 2002: Simulation & Knowledge Management
  • San Francisco, Spring 2002: Collaborative Knowledge Networks
  • San Francisco, Summer 2002: Innovation and Invention
  • San Francisco, Fall 2002: The Future of R&D
  • San Francisco, Spring 2003: Culture and Knowledge Management
  • Toronto, Fall 2003: The Real-Time Knowledge Enterprise
  • New York, Fall 2003: 21st Century Knowledge Management
  • San Francisco, Fall 2003: Next Practices: Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning
  • San Francisco, Spring 2004: Intangibles: Measurement and Leadership of Intellectual Capital
  • Los Angeles, February 2004: Sharing Knowledge: Balancing the Organisational Benefits and Risks
  • New York, March 2004: Social Networks
  • Cleveland, April 2004: Communities: Next Practices
  • Rocky Mountain, June 2004: Innovation and Adaptation: How KM Helps Organizations and Leaders Build Thriving Business Innovation Ecosystems
  • Denver, June 2004: Innovation and Adaptability
  • New York, June 2004: Knowledge Leadership: Building Knowledge-based Organizations and Developing the Knowledge Leaders of the Future
  • Los Angeles, July 2004: Innovation Networks
  • London, July 2004: Social Tools For the Enterprise
  • San Francisco, September 2004: Enterprise Social Network Analysis
  • New York, October 2004: Enterprise Social Network Analysis
  • Denver, October 2004: Intellectual Capital Leadership
  • Los Angeles, October 2004: Innovation Networks
  • Boston, October 2004: Net Works to Net Worth: Realizing the Value from Social Networks
  • Paris, November 2004: Le Knowledge Management, sa Culture et ses Outils
  • Washington, November 2004: Enterprise Social Network Analysis
  • Cleveland, November 2004: 2005 Cleveland KM Cluster Planning Meeting
  • Toronto, December 2004: The Support Economy
  • Los Angeles, December 2004: Innovation Networks
  • San Francisco, December 2004: Enterprise Social Network Analysis
  • Atlanta, December 2004: Enterprise Social Network Analysis
  • Denver, January 2005: Managing Intangible Assets
  • Boston, January 2005: Enterprise Social Networks Analysis
  • Boston, January 2005: Creating the Social Enterprise: Inside Social Networks
  • New York, January 2005: Demand-Driven Knowledge Sharing: A Pragmatic Approach to Delivering Just-in-Time Expertise
  • Denver, January 2005: Managing Intangible Assets
  • Rocky Mountain, January 2005: Beyond the Balance Sheet: Valuing and Managing Intangible Assets
  • Los Angeles, February 2005: Enterprise Social Networks Analysis
  • San Francisco, March 2005: Enterprise Social Networks Analysis
  • Cleveland, March 2005: Enterprise Social Networks Analysis
  • Toronto, March 2005: Innovation and The Support Economy
  • Texas, July 2005: Enterprise Social Tools and Software
  • Silicon Valley, September 2005: Knowledge Facilitation: Advancing Performance, Value and Effectiveness Using Knowledge-Centered Principles
  • New England, September 2005: Enterprise Social Software: Business Blogs, Social Tools & Narratives
  • New York, NY, September 2005: Enterprise Social Software & Tools: Business Blogs & Narratives
  • Dallas, October 2005: Enterprise Social Tools
  • San Francisco, November 2005: Value Networks
  • Silicon Valley, December 2005: Prediction Markets
  • Dallas, December 2005: Enterprise Social Tools
  • Atlanta, December 2005: Enterprise Social Networks Analysis
  • Los Angeles, March 2006: 21st Century Knowledge: Priorities of the Knowledge Economy
  • North California, April 2006 Enterprise Value Networks: Leading 21st Century Knowledge
  • Ohio, May 2006: Social Media, Networks & Tools: Leading 21st Century Knowledge
  • Washington DC, June 2006: Social Networks Analysis
  • Texas, September 29, 2006: Value Networks and Social Media: 21st Century Enterprise Knowledge Priorities
  • Ohio, October 2006: Storytelling and Business Narrative: Mastery and Leadership of Business Narrative & Organizational Storytelling


  • KM Cluster (Annual) Summit
    • KM in Education Summit: The Knowledge-Based Drive for Accountability, Quality and Assessment, December 12/13, 2002, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, USA
      (Co-hosted by: Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) and the Bay Area and Silicon Valley KM Cluster)
    • Analytics and Taxonomies – Strategy Summit, June 19/20, 2003,
    • Social Media Summit, April 18/19, 2005, San Francisco, CA, USA
    • KM in Education Summit II: Leadership and Transformation, 2007, Waltham, MA, USA
      (Co-hosted by: Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) and the New England KM Cluster)
    • Collective Intelligence Networks Summit: 21st Century Knowledge Leadership, 22 February, 2007, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • KM Cluster London Symposium
    • London Symposium on Social Tools for the Enterprise, Monday, July 12, 2004, London, UK
    • London Symposium on Enterprise Value Metrics and Measurement: Advancing Intellectual Capital Leadership, Friday, April 29, 2005, London, UK
  • Global Knowledge Economics Summit, July 29-30, 2002, San Francisco, CA, USA 1)

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