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The New York University (NYU) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

School of Continuing and Professional Studies > Information Technologies Institute

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Advanced Professional Certificate (APC) in Information Technology (Concentration: Leadership and Knowledge Management) 1)
      Concentration Courses (choose 4 courses)
      Transformational Leadership and Team Building
      Strategic Management of Technological Innovation
      Management of Emerging Technologies
      Management of Telecommunications
      Internet Business Models and Strategies
      Knowledge Management
      Business Process Risk
      Advanced Topics in Knowledge Management

      Free Elective: Choose one additional course in any area (Systems Management; Management in the New E-conomy)

  • Master of Science Degree in Management and Systems (Concentration: Leadership and Knowledge Management) 1)
      Core Courses
      Financial Management
      Managing in a Global Economy
      Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy
      Information Technology

      Concentration Courses (see Advanced Professional Certificate (APC)…)

      Capstone Course: Project Management in the Information Age
      Research Project: Master’s Thesis

Leonard N. Stern School of Business > Vincent C. Ross Institute of Accounting Research > Intangible Research Project 2)


  • NYU Research Conference on Intangibles (Intangibles Conference)**
    • 4th Intangibles Conference, May 17-18, 2001, New York, NY, USA
      Conference Theme: Advances In The Measurement Of Intangible (Intellectual) Capital
    • 3rd Intangibles Conference, May 18-19, 2000, New York, NY, USA
      Conference Theme: Knowledge: Management, Measurement and Organization
    • 2nd Intangibles Conference, May 27-28, 1999, New York, NY, USA
      Conference Theme: Intangibles: Management, Measurement and Organization
    • 1st Intangibles Conference, May 15-16, 1998, New York, NY, USA
      Conference Theme: Intangibles and Capital Markets

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