Top Knowledge Management Conferences!?

Shelf: 7 Top Knowledge Management Conferences in 2023. Shelf Blog, December 22, 2022

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KMedu Hub Notes:

  • One of the listed conferences (ICEGELKMT, a WASET conference) is definitely predatory.
  • Three of the listed conferences (ICKMS, DaKM, ICKSE) are potentially predatory or at least of low quality.
  • One of the listed conferences (KMIS) is part of a multiconference related to Knowledge Management, which in turn is organized in conjunction with several other conferences not related to Knowledge Management.
  • Two of the listed conferences (KMWorld, APQC’s Conference) could be regarded as “top”, at least in the past.
  • There are several other Knowledge Management conferences which could be listed here as “top” (e.g. ECKM, ICKM, or CIKM).

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