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The World Capital Institute (WCI) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge Cities World Summit (KCWS)*
  • International Conference on Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital (ICKMIC), 26-27 February 2009, IMT Ghaziabad, Ghaziabad, India 1)
  • Global Knowledge-Based Development Week, 15-21 October 2007, Monterrey, México 2)
    The Global Knowledge-Based Development Week is an unprecedented constellation of events aiming at gathering practitioners, government officers, academicians, policy-makers, NGO´s, financing institutions, consultants, students and public in general interested in knowledge as the most distinctive development factor of our time. It aims at sharing state-of-the-art frameworks, methods, techniques and experiences for the understanding, management and evaluation of Knowledge Based Development (KBD) and Knowledge Cities (KCs), thus contributing to set a global agenda in these fields. By bringing together the global specialists on KBD-related areas such as Knowledge Management, Economics, Urbanism, Policy-Studies, Geography and other fields, a transdisciplinary, cross-regional, interinstitutional dialogue on this powerful but still scarcely understood phenomenon is inaugurated.
    Program Components: The Universal Forum of Cultures and Knowledge Monterrey 2007 (Umbrella event), Sep 20 – Nov 18; 1st Knowledge Cities Summit, Sep 17-20; Most Admired Knowledge Cities (MAKCi) Awards 2007, Sep 20; 30+ Forum Dialogues on Knowledge Based Development, Sep 16-20; Civil Society Square; Ibero-American Community for Knowledge Systems General Assembly, Sep 15; Cultural and social evenings


  • Comunidad Iberoamericana de Sistemas de Conocimiento (CISC) / Ibero-American Community of Knowledge Systems (ICKS) 2)

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