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American Society for Talent Development (ATD), formerly the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) and the American Society for Training Directors (ASTD),1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


(including pre-conference learning/courses: 1 day Workshops and 2-3 days Certificate Programs)

  • American Society for Talent Development International Conference & Exposition (ATD International)*
  • American Society for Talent Development TechKnowledge Conference & Exposition (ATD TechKnowledge)*
  • Elliott Masie’s Learning Forum (Learning)* 2)

Certificate Programs

(online and/or face to face (at ATD conferences, public or on-site))

  • Knowledge Management Certificate 3)
  • Action Learning Certificate
  • Microlearning Certificate
  • Blended Learning Certificate
  • Mobile Learning Certificate
  • Designing Learning Certificate
  • Advanced Designing Learning Certificate
  • Managing the Learning Function Certificate**
  • Social Media for Learning (Social Learning) Certificate**
  • Learning Transfer Certificate**



  • Jul 2020: ATD Research: Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Management
  • May 2020: Size Matters: Why You Need to Incorporate Microlearning Into Your L&D Strategy (Demo)
  • Mar 2020: Capturing Knowledge Has Never Been Easier (Demo)
  • May 2017: The First 2 Weeks and the Last 2 Weeks: 7 Ideas for Using Video for Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Apr 2015: Dispelling Myths: Understanding Learning and Knowledge Management Teams

Podcasts (CTDO Magazine)

  • Take Measured Steps to Manage Knowledge (Winter 2021)


  • ATD Learning Technologies Community of Practice


  • Feb 2018: Knowledge Management (ATD Austin, Feet on the Street SIG)

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