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The Middlesex University, formerly Middlesex Polytechnic,1) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Middlesex University London > Business School*

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • MSc / PG Diploma in Research Methods for Business and Management (Optional Module: Knowledge Management)
      Methodology and Research Design (30 Credits)
      Qualitative Research Methods (30 Credits)
      Statistical Data Analysis (30 Credits)
      Knowledge Management (30 Credits)
      Dissertation (60 Credits)


  • The UK Knowledge Management Masterclass 2)
      Module 1
      Day 1: Knowledge Management: an update
      Day 2: Knowledge and strategy
      Module 2
      Day 3: Organising knowledge flows
      Day 4: Designing a knowledge infrastructure
      Module 3
      Day 5 : Knowledge and learning
      Day 6: Indicators which support Knowledge Management
      Module 4
      Day 7: Making a reality of Knowledge Management projects
      Day 8: Implementing Knowledge Management within your own organisation
  • G501M Knowledge Management course

School of Engineering and Information Sciences (EIS)* 3)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • MSc Data and Knowledge Engineering
      Knowledge Discovery and Modelling
      Research Methods in Knowledge Engineering and Discovery
      Data Management for Decision Support
      Multi-channel E-commerce
      Postgraduate Computing Project

      BIS4405 Knowledge Discovery
      BIS4407 Research Methods in Knowledge Management
      BIS4435 Industrial Data Management for Decision Support
      BIS4700 Multi-channel e- Commerce
      BIS4992 Postgraduate Computing Project

  • MSc in Knowledge Management 4)
      BIS 4405, Knowledge Management Systems Development
      BIS 4406, Knowledge Discovery
      BIS 4407, Research Methods in Knowledge Management
      BIS 4410, Knowledge Management Strategies
      BIS 4992, Postgraduate Computing Project

      BIS4128 Management Support Systems
      BIS4401 Knowledge Management Systems
      BIS4402 Research Topics in Knowledge Management
      BIS4403 Knowledge Management Programmes in Organisations
      BIS4404 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
      CMT4131 Design and Evaluation of Interactive Systems
      BIS4992 Postgraduate Computing Project

  • Master of Science in Information and Knowledge Technology (MSc IKT) 5)
      Modules 1996:
      Introduction Information and Knowledge Technology
      Modelling Knowledge Intensive Information Systems
      Implementation Modelling of Knowledge Intensive Information Systems
      Techniques for the Analysis of Knowledge Intensive Processes
      Knowledge and Information in Organisations
      Realisation of Knowledge Intensive Information Systems
  • MSc in Knowledge Engineering 5)

Middlesex University Dubai > Research and Conferences


  • International Conference on Emerging Research Paradigms in Business and Social Sciences (ERPBSS)
    – 2011 Track 6: Information and Knowledge Management

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