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The Mountain Quest Institute (MQI) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Professional Workshops

  • Lifelong Learning Part I
  • Lifelong Learning Part II
  • Personal Knowledge Management(PKM): Managing Knowledge for Career
  • Managing Systems and Complexity: From Individuals to Organizations
  • Managing Knowledge in Drinking Water Utilities
  • Introduction to the Intelligent Complex Adaptive Organization
  • The Intelligent Complex Adaptive Team: Knowledge, Complexity and High Performance

Foundation Quests

  • The Quest for Knowledge (path to high performance)
  • The Quest for Consciousness (window to the world)
  • The Quest for Meaning (roots of wisdom)

Weekend Getaways and Grows

  • Learning for Personal & Professional Growth
  • New Ways of Thinking and Knowing

Business Retreats


  • areas included: ICAS (the organization of the future), knowledge management, complexity thinking, knowing, leadership, change management, integrated product teams, relationship network management, and organizational and individual learning

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