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The eKnowledgeCenter (eKC) of the Innovation Management Institute International (IMII) and later Swandogz 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification 2)

(off-site (public face-to-face), on-site (in-house face-to-face), and interactive online)

  • Knowledge Management Professional Development Program Certification
    • Associate Level 1 Program – Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) / Certified Knowledge Environment Engineer™ (CKEE™)
    • Senior Level 2 Program – Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)/ Knowledge Economics (since 2007)
  • Certified Knowledge Economist™ (CKE™)**
  • 3 Tracks Certification Program**
    • Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)™ (…-2005) 3)
      (Certification Levels 1-3: Associate/Junior, Senior, Executive)
    • Certified Knowledge Environment Engineer™ (CKEE™)
      (Certification Levels 1-3: Associate/Junior, Senior, Executive)
    • Combined Certified Knowledge Manager™ (CKM®)/ Certified Knowledge Environment Engineer™ (CKEE™)
      (Certification Levels 1-3: Associate/Junior, Senior, Executive)
  • Certified Knowledge Management Instructor (CKMI)
    – in planning


  • Knowledge Economics (KE) Professional Development Course (Prerequisite: eKC CKM/CKEE)
  • Associate Level 1 Knowledge Management/Knowledge Environment Engineer (online) Professional Development Course with online Workshop
  • Advanced Level 3 Knowledge Management Training – To be announced soon


  • Global Knowledge Economics Council (GKEC)*
    • Local Knowledge Economics Councils
    • Global Knowledge Economics Society (GKES)
      • Global Association of Certified Knowledge Managers (GACKM)
      • Volunteer Organization of Certification Knowledge Managers (VOCKM)
      • Local Chapters
  • Certified Knowledge and Innovation Management Professional Society (CKIMPS)
  • Knowledge Management Certification Board (KMCB)


  • Women in Knowledge Management Summit, October 29-31, 2000 – Tucson, Arizona
    Conference Theme: Women in Knowledge Management: The Next Step

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