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International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Conferences & Workshops

  • International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations (ICISO) // WG 8.1
  • Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management (AI4KM) // WG 12.6
  • Cross Domain Conference for Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction (CD-MAKE) // TC 5, IFIP WG 8.4, IFIP WG 8.9 and IFIP WG 12.9
  • International Federation for Information Processing World Computer Congress (IFIP WCC)
    • 2010: IFIP International Conference on Key Competencies in the Knowledge Society (KCKS) // TC 3
    • 2008: IFIP International Conference on Learning to live in the knowledge society (ED-L2L) // TC 3
      Conference Content
      Stories and venues; Touchless sound sculpture
      Education and Technology for a Better World: working towards WCCE 2009

      A cretive intruduction to programming with scratch; Using Alnuset to construct the notion of equivalence and equality in algebra; PITO: A children-friendly interface for Security Tools

      Conference Sessions:
      Full Papers: Digital Literacy for the Knowledge Society; Planning and modelling for teaching and learning; ICT for inclusion; Innovative Learning Environments; Exploiting ICT for teaching and learning; Educating ICT professionals; Knowledge and technology; Digital Literacy for the Knowledge Society
      Short Papers: Online Distance Learning; ICT issues in education; Innovative Learning Environments
      Thematic Sessions: The IFIP AGORA initiative for lifelong learning: (1) Learning organisations, learning environments, (2) Applying the “studios and atelier” methodology to projects for lifelong learning, (3) Future trends and prospective for lifelong learning

      ICT and Culture; Promoting Digital Literacy in primary and lower secondary schools; Digital resources in teacher education

    • 2008: IFIP International Conference on Knowledge Management in Action (KMIA’08) // WG 12.6
      Conference Content
      Invited talks:
      Taking a Knowledge Perspective – The Future of Knowledge

      SESSION: Knowledge Management in Regional Development
      Business Finder – a tool for regional networking among organizations
      Managing Knowledge In Urban Planning: Can Memory Support Systems Help?

      SESSION: Knowledge Management in the Service Industries
      Knowledge Management-in-action in EUD-oriented Software Enterprises
      “KT” CarePacks – a Collaboration Patterns for Knowledge Transfer. Learning form IS/IT- Outsourcing Case at a Swiss Financial Institution”
      Third Generation Knowledge Management in Action: Relational Practices in Swiss Companies

      SESSION: Knowledge Management in Engineering
      A Community of Knowledge Management Practitioners: Mirroring Power across Social Worlds
      CoLinK: Cooperative Knowledge Management for Engineering Teams
      On Problems, Requirements and Solution Approaches when Supporting Knowledge Intensive Processes in Industry
      Core Knowledge Management in a Designer Community of the Automotive Field

      SESSION: Conceptual Insights and Tools
      Building a Framework for Actions and Roles in Organizational Knowledge Transfer
      DYONIPOS: Proactive Support of Knowledge Processes
      Knowledge Management Capability Framework

      SESSION: Knowledge Management in the Health Sector
      Knowledge Artifacts as Bridges between Theory and Practice: the Clinical Pathway case
      Conceptual Model of Target Activity as Tool for Developing Management and Support System for Dementia Care

    • 1998: IFIP International Conference on Informations Technology And Knowledge Systems (IT&KNOWS)
      Conference Content
      Invited Talks:
      Ontology oriented design and programming: a new kind of ŽOOŽ
      Software Systems Development as Societies of Agents
      High-Performance Knowledge-Base Initiative in the U.S.

      Discussion Panels:
      Future trends for Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Integration and Intelligent Brokers

      Maps for verbs
      Diderot: a knowledge-based architecture for managing multiple resources
      Semantics-based information retrieval

      Modelling uncertainty in expertise
      Developing knowledge systems for training in working places:
      a challenge for the coming years
      Integrating AI and constraint programming techniques for multimedia directory publishing
      Methodologies for ontology development
      Applying formal concept analysis to domain modelling in an intelligent help system
      Task and model-based development of interactive software
      A diagnosis task in an intelligent patient supervisory system
      Automatic generation of decision trees for diagnosis: the MAD-system
      Exploiting abstraction to check semantic constraints for Java beans

      An integrated structured analysis approach to intelligent agent communication
      Compositional design and maintenance of broker agents”
      An approach for designing interaction protocols in a multi-agent system
      Principles of compositional multi-agent system development
      A generic multi-agent architecture for interactive diagnostic tasks with clarification
      The use of ontologies in a decision support system for business process re-engineering
      Automatic domain analysis: generation of domain representations

      A knowledge engineering perspective on managing software change: the analysis of three scenarios
      Locales for requirements engineering
      Use-cases and scenarios for developing knowledge-based systems
      ICF-Expert – A Tool for knowledge-based requirements analysis
      Program comprehension and enhancement of software

      Model-based information systems for knowledge management
      Advanced human-computer interaction for decision support systems using knowledge modeling techniques
      Towards a better understanding of machine generated proofs
      SYNDIKATE: A system for the elicitation of new knowledge from natural language documents
      A structured model for linguistic engineering applications

      Whale Watch: an intelligent model-based mathematics tutoring system
      Constraint-based diagnosis for intelligent language tutoring systems

      A generic task model for plan-recognition in a naval C&C system
      Representation of fuzzy knowledge about control task specifications

    • 1998: International Conference on Intellectual Property Rights and Free Flow of Information (KnowRight)
      Conference Content
      Invited Talks:
      InfoEthics: UNESCO´s approach to free flow of information; Intellectual Property Rights and the Information Highways: The New Internet Treaties; New challenges for EU copyright law: computer programs, databases, multimedia, … what next?

      Conference Sessions:
      Ethics; Developing countries and computer legislation; Intellectual Property Rights: (1) Electronic commerce and IPR, (2) General aspects, (3) Country Reports; World Wide Web; Libraries and Education; Short Papers; Patents and programs; Future of knowledge;

      WWW – Regulations, policy and law; Internet: A monitor for polotical, socio-legal anc cultural developments

  • IFIP International Working Conference on Information Technology in Educational Management (ITEM) // WG 3.7
    – 2006: Knowledge Management for Educational Innovation
    – 2004: Information Technology and Educational Management in the Knowledge Society
  • International Conference on Programing Languages for Machine Tools (PROLAMAT) // TC 5
    – 2006: Knowledge Enterprise – New Challenge
  • IFIP International Working Conference on Knowledge Management in Electronic Government (KMGov)** 1) // WG 8.3 & WG 8.5
  • IFIP Workshop on Knowledge Intensive CAD** // WG 5.2
  • IFIP Working Conference on Decision Support Systems(DDS) // WG 8.3
    – 2000: Decision Support through Knowledge Management


Technical Committees (TCs) & Working Groups (WGs)

  • TC 3 – ICT and Education
    • WG 3.7 Information Technology in Educational Management
  • TC 5 – Information Technology Applications
    • WG 5.2 Computer Aided Design
  • TC 8 – Information Systems
    • WG 8.1 Design and Evaluation of Information Systems
    • WG 8.3 Decision Support Systems
    • WG 8.4 E-Business Information Systems
    • WG 8.5 Infomation Systems in Public Administration
    • WG 8.9 Enterprise Information Systems
  • TC 12 – Artificial Intelligence
    • WG 12.1 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
    • WG 12.5 Artificial Intelligence Applications (was: Knowledge-Oriented Development of Applications)
    • WG 12.6 Knowledge Management
    • WG 12.9 Computational Intelligence

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