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JEKPOT – The Knowledge Company – offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge Organization Systems**
  • Organizational Knowledge Security
  • Knowledge Management
  • CoP – Communities of practice
  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Knowledge Management Tracks**
  • Knowledge Management Security
  • Knowledge Communication by PREMI
  • Knowledge Mapping
  • Social Network Analysis

Knowledge Management University


  • Diploma a 3 livelli (Chief knowledge officer, Knowledge manager, Knowledge worker)


  • JEKPOT Knowledge Management Forum*
  • JEKPOT Knowledge Communication Forum**
    • 1° Knowledge Communication Forum, 21-22 marzo 2006, Milano (Italy)
      Broadcasting & Videoconferencing
    • 2° Knowledge Communication Forum, 19-20 marzo 2007, Roma (Italy)
      Visual & Vocal Communication
    • 3° Knowledge Communication Forum, 11-12 marzo 2009, Milano (Italy)
      Unified Communication
    • 4° Knowledge Communication Forum, 10-11 novembre 2009, Roma (Italy)

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