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Joint between Economy Knowledge Pathos Organization and Technology (JEKPOT) – The Knowledge Management Company – offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Workshops / Tutorials

Workshop formativi in modalità School, On demand, Custom

  • 2019 Workshops
    – Comunicatzione della Conoscenza Organizzativa
    – Social Network Intelligence
  • 2017-2019 Workshops
    – Competitive Intelligence
    – Comunita’ di Practica
    – Dematerializzazione documentale
    – Knowledge Management
    – Knowledge Mapping
    – Reactivity
    – Social Network Analysis
    – Knowledge Management Security
  • Knowledge Management Forum (Workshops formativi)
    – 2018 Workshops: I fondamenti del Knowledge Management, Le comunità di pratica, Change reactivity, Organizzazione aziendale e sistemi cognitivi, La gestione dei processi, Protezione degli asset e gestione della privacy, La gestione dei progetti, Il monitoraggio dei progetti, La comunicazione video – Parte 1 & 2
    – 2016 Workshops: I fondamenti del Knowledge Management, Le comunità di pratica, I fondamenti del Project Management, Project & Knowledge Management
  • 2008-2016 Workshops
    Chief Learning Officer (2008 only!)
    CoP – Communities of practice
    Dematerializzazione documentale
    Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management Security
    Knowledge Communication (since 2008)
    Social Network Analysis (since 2009)
    Competitive intelligence (since 2010)
    Knowledge Mapping (since 2011)
  • (Organizational) Knowledge Security Forum
    – Organizational Knowledge Security (O.K. Security) 2011, 24 novembre – 2 dicembre 2011, Roma
    – Knowledge Security Forum (KM Security), 18 o 19 Giugno 2009, Roma
  • 2008-2016 Knowledge Management Tracks
    a) Document & Content management
    b) Search engine
    c) Messaging & Collaboration
    d) E-learning & community management
    e) Customer Relationship Management
    f) Business intelligence
    g) Project management
  • 2006 Knowledge Management Tracks
    Knowledge Management Security
    Knowledge Management e Leadership
    CoP – Communities of practice
    Formare i Comunicatori
    Intelligence: Istruzioni per L’USO
    Best Contact Center
    Knowledge Management Metrics
  • 2004-2005 Knowledge Management Tracks
    – Ontology
    – Content Engineering & Deployment
    – Cyberknowledge
    – Le Comunita’ di Practica
    – Knowledge Management e E-learning
    – Formare i Comunicatori
    – Intelligence: Istruzioni per L’USO
    – Knowledge Management Security
    – Knowledge Management & Leadership
    – Knowledge Management in Practica
  • 2003 Knowledge Management Tracks
    Session sections: Content & Portal Management, Learning & Collaboration Management, Customer Relationship & Marketing Management, Business Intelligence & Performance Management, Cross Management (security, storage, supply chain, wireless, workflow, …), Integration management
  • 2002 Workshops
    – Content Management Workshop


  • Knowledge Management Tracks (KM Tracks)*
  • Knowledge Communication Forum (KC Forum)**
    • 1° Knowledge Communication Forum, 21-22 marzo 2006, Milano (Italy)
      Broadcasting & Videoconferencing
    • 2° Knowledge Communication Forum, 19-20 marzo 2007, Roma (Italy)
      Visual & Vocal Communication
    • 3° Knowledge Communication Forum, 11-12 marzo 2009, Milano (Italy)
      Unified Communication
    • 4° Knowledge Communication Forum, 10-11 novembre 2009, Roma (Italy)


  • Knowledge Management University**
    Diploma a 3 livelli (Chief knowledge officer, Knowledge manager, Knowledge worker)

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