Knowledge Management Careers and Skills

Careers in Knowledge Management

Abstract: In this section I am going to take a look at what one needs to pursue a career in knowledge management. Below I will start by talking a bit about the kind of KM educations and courses one can find from a general perspective. In the other subsections I will take a look at the positions that are available within this field and then at the skills that are required for a knowledge management career. Read more »

Knowledge Management Positions and Roles

Abstract: In this section, I will provide an overview of the knowledge management roles that one may find in a company. It is important to note that different companies may have some, all, or none of these positions. Furthermore, many will be part time roles (Skyrme 2011), representing a portion of an employee’s/manager’s responsibilities; this can even be the case for a top position like a CKO (Ning 2006). Alternatively, multiple roles may be integrated into one position, or the knowledge management responsibilities may be a part of more general functions (e.g. an intellectual capital manager, an information worker, etc.).
However, these are the general roles that one can expect to fulfill in one capacity or another if one pursues a career in KM. Read more »

Knowledge Management Skills

Abstract: In this section I will draw upon several sources to outline the skills necessary for a career within knowledge management. Evidently, different positions will emphasize different aspects of KM, with leadership positions requiring a great ability to manage, influence, and organize, while technical positions would focus more on IT skills (relatively speaking). Over the years, there have been several approaches to defining these skills from various perspectives. Below I will talk first about the skills of the knowledge worker and then specifically of knowledge managers and the CKO or CLO (henceforth referred to as the CKO). Read more »

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