Knowledge Management vs. Competitive Intelligence

Abstract: Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Knowledge Management (KM) are hot topics around many organizational water coolers. Yet little has been written on how they interrelate or how to improve the mutual competencies of CI and KM workers. In the following article first published in the July-Aug edition of Competitive Intelligence magazine (Vol 6, Number 4) Alice MacGillivray, manager of RRU’s knowledge management programs, provides an overview of her perspectives on these relationships and on the knowledge management programs offered at Royal Roads.

Alice MacGillivray: Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence Find Common Ground at RRU. InRoads, September 2003: 22-29

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  • Alice MacGillivray: Knowledge management at Royal Roads University. Competitive Intelligence Magazine, 6 (4) 2003, 37–40. | Magazine website »

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