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The Monash University (Monash) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Faculty of Information Technology > Digital Equity and Digital Transformation (DEDT) > Knowledge Management Research Program (KMRP) Group 1)

Graduate Degrees

  • Graduate Diploma in Information and Knowledge Management**
    (Specializations: Archives and recordkeeping or RIMPA or ASA professional recognition; Library and information science or ALIA professional recognition) 2)
  • Master of Business Information Systems (MBIS C6003) 3)
  • Master of Business Information Systems (Honours) (Professional track (Specialisation): Corporate Information and Knowledge Management)** 3)
      MBIS Corporate IKM units:
      FIT5086 Information and knowledge management principles
      FIT5088 Information and knowledge management systems
      FIT5102 IT strategy and governance
      FIT5150 Project management as knowledge-based practice

  • Master of Information Management and Systems (Specialization: Knowledge Management)**
      Compulsory units within the specialisation:
      IMS5027 Knowledge management principles

      plus three units selected from the following:
      IMS5005 Decision support systems
      IMS5023 Information enterprise management and marketing
      IMS5033 Electronic document management and recordkeeping systems
      IMS5048 The information continuum
      IMS5330 Knowledge management systems development

  • “Digital Equity” Graduate research (PhD, MPhil) in the field of Knowledge Management 4)
  • PhD in Information Management and Systems** (by research; Specialization: Knowledge Management)


  • 2011-2015: Knowledge Management and Information Systems track @ Australiasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS)
  • Australian Conference on Knowledge Management and Intelligent Decision Support (ACKMIDS)**

    The Australian Conference on Knowledge Management and Intelligent Decision Support (ACKMIDS), formerly the Australian Workshop on Intelligent Decision Support Systems (and Knowledge Management) (AWIDS), successor of the Melbourne Workshop on Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDS), provides an arena for discussing current approaches to the way people and organizations work with knowledge. The ACKMIDS conference aims to facilitate an active exchange of ideas between academia and practice.

    Conference History:

    • 13th Annual ACKMIDS 2010, 7-8 December 2010, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
      Conference theme: TBD
      (In conjunction with the Australiasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS) // Knowledge Management stream)

    • 12th ACKMIDS 2009, 4 December 2009, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
      Conference Theme: Collaboration, Coordination, Competition
      (In conjunction with the Australiasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS) // Knowledge Management stream)

        Note: The conference was originally independently scheduled for 7-8 December 2009

        Keynotes: (1)

        Track Presentations:
        Key Organizational Elements for Effective Information and Knowledge Management
        The functional ERD: conceptual modeling for complex knowledge systems
        KM facing simultaneous obstacles and strategic benefits realization: a continuing conundrum

    • 11th ACKMIDS 2008, 8-10 December 2008, University of Ballarat, Mount Helen, VIC, Australia
      Conference Theme: Harnessing Knowledge Management to Build Communities
      (Co-organizer: Centre for Community Networking Research, Monash University; Centre for eCommerce and Communications, Centre for Regional Innovation and Competitiveness, and Centre for Informatics and Applied Optimization, University of Ballarat)

        A sober (or somber) view of Knowledge Management
        Keynote 2 n.a.
        The need to know; measuring the success of community based ICT projects designed to combat disadvantage and isolation (invited paper)

        Paper Presentations:
        Representing Practice Wisdom: Adapting Corporate Modelling for Better Welfare Practice
        The Effect of Knowledge Management Initiatives of Small and Medium Scale Software Companies on Competitive Advantage
        Collaborative Knowledge Building Process: An Activity Theory Based Analysis
        Communities of Practice in Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning
        Explicit Representations of Reasoning to Support Deliberation within Groups
        Action Research to Knowledge Management in Construction Projects
        Toward Computer Mediated Elicitation of a Community?s Core Values for Sustainable Decision Making
        An Expert System Methodology for SMEs and NPOs
        Indian Knowledge Commission: A Transformation to Knowledge Economy
        Spatial infrastructure, information access and knowledge building in regional Victoria
        The Impact of Biometric Systems on Communities: Perceptives and Challenges
        Building Knowledge Capabilities: An Organisational Learning Approach
        Categorisation of Knowledge Management Processes in the Development of Sustainable Enterprises
        Knowledge-Sharing in an Organisation: The Enabling Role of an Intranet
        One Company, Two Outcomes: Integration vs Disintegration
        How to get Skunkworks Adopted in an Organisation – Jim’s Loos – A Wiki Project
        A Learning and Credential Provenance (LCP) Protocol Development Case Study

        Post-conference Workshops: (Dec 10)
        Search Workshop: Knowledge Management and the Third Sector

    • 10th ACKMIDS 2007, 9–11 December 2007, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
      Conference Theme: Theory Wedded to Practice
      (in conjunction with the International Conference on Supply Chain Management and Information Systems (SCMIS) and the Collaborative Electronic Commerce Technology and Research Conference (CollECTeR))

        Interorganisational Knowledge Management: A Supply Chain Perspective

        Paper Presentations:
        Time value of knowledge: Time based frameworks for valuing knowledge
        Practical application of a knowledge development life cycle
        Knowledge management governance: Defining the measurement of knowledge management strategy development and implementation outcomes
        Expertise location using keyphrases in electronic mail: Socio-ethical challenges
        Knowledge creation and knowledge sharing: Synergy or discrepancy?
        A knowledge brokering model for communities of practice using service-oriented architecture
        Enabling successful knowledge capture for electronic knowledge repositories
        Decision support system to capitalize on the company’s knowledge
        An empirical study of knowledge management capability and competitive advantage employing the resource-based theory of the firm

        Panel Discussions:
        Knowledge Management – Theory Wedded to Practice: Building Capability to Manage Complexity

    • 9th ACKMIDS 2006, 11-12 December 2006, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
      Conference Theme: Integrating “doing” and “thinking”: Knowledge Management as reflective practice

        Defining Knowledge Management Success: Integrating Doing and Knowing
        Socio-Technical Knowledge Management: Lessons Learnt

        Paper Presentations:
        Organisational downsizing and knowledge sharing
        Knowledge Development lifecycle for reflective practice
        Risk management: a tool for reflective practice in KM
        Patient Centred information systems for knowledge transfer
        Integrating doing and thinking in creating Blue Ocean strategy: Casella wines and its success in the American Market
        Professional knowledge, professional certitude: making wine in the Adelaide hills
        Who controls knowledge in knowledge-based economies
        A reflective and refractive mindset for knowledge and systems science
        Knowledge intermediaries: what are they about what do they do?
        Knowledge Interfaces: An Informal CoP faced with Formal Boundaries
        Deliberate Inter-organisational Knowledge Transfer: Recognition and Effective Utilisation of Complimentary Social and Technological Channels

        Thinking for a living, thinking to survive: The changing nature of work

        Open Forum:
        Integrating thinking and doing

    • 8th ACKMIDS 2005, 5-6 December 2005, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
      Conference Theme: Why Culture Matters: the Local and Global in Knowledge Management

        A Unified Model of Knowledge Sharing – Insights from a Case Study in the IT industry
        The Past, Present and Future of Knowledge Management
        An Overview of the 2005 Australian Knowledge Management Standard

        Paper Presentations:
        The Contribution of Transformational Leadership to KM
        Strategy Built on Quicksand? An exploratory investigation into the role of competitive knowledge management in strategic decision making
        Cultural enablers and inhibitors to knowledge sharing
        Culture and Knowledge Management in Rural Areas in Vietnam : Local Oasis or Global Empire?
        TARDIS: An Australian Case Study in Applied Knowledge Management. A Paper Focusing on Non-Technological Implementation Issues
        Knowledge Creation in a Distributed Electronic Environment
        The Culture of Information Systems in Knowledge-Creating Contexts: Rethinking User-Centred Design
        Culture and Knowledge Sharing in University Internet Based Networks
        Decision support and cognitive limitations in online share trading
        Managing Transient Knowledge: Knowledge Requirements for the Installation of Enterprise Systems

        Industry Case Study Presentations:
        The ROI on The Information Asset
        Cultural influences in developing knowledge behaviours
        Jelly Slice – a story of knowledge sharing in action

        Case Study Round table: An open discussion of the implication of knowledge management in practice

    • 7th ACKMIDS 2004, 29-30 November 2004, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
      Conference Theme: Organisational Challenges for Knowledge Management

        On knowledge creation and sharing across frontiers: an information systems strategy perspectiv
        Clearing Up KM’s “Implicit Knowledge”: Implications for the Theory and Practice of KM

        Paper Presentations:
        Core Competency Analysis for Developing Knowledge Strategy
        Explaining Why Knowledge Management Implementation Works or Not
        Uncovering Knowledge Structures: Concept Modelling for Exploring Information Solutions
        Considering the Receiver in Knowledge Sharing: When the Receiver Seems Ready the Sharer Appers
        The Need for Aligning Knowledge Management, Business and Information Technology strategies: a proposed study of the financial industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain
        What is the task? – applying the Task-based KM framework to weather forecasting
        Bottling Fog: conjuring up the Australian KM Standard
        A Debate on Data, Information and Knowledge Sharing in Organizations: So Desirable and Yet So Difficult
        Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture through the Relationship Management Maturity Model
        Eliciting Tacit Knowledge from Spoken Discourse about Requirements Analysis
        Managing Knowledge in IT organisations
        Developing Program Management Capabilities: A Knowledge Management Perspective
        Personal Knowledge and Organizational Change: A Knowledge Management Perspective

        Research in Progress Papers:
        Knowledge Management Methodology for the Build-up of Intellectual Capital In PPP Using Mental Maps: An Application of the Road Concession Case in Brazil
        Identification of an Emerging Community of Practice in a Knowledge Workplace

        Knowledge Management: Where to now?

        KM Lab Launch

    • 6th ACKMIDS 2003, 11-12 December 2003, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
      Conference Theme: Managing Knowledge with Technology

        Where does new organizational knowledge come from?
        Revisiting the Corporate Portal (invited presentation)
        The Art of Locating Expert Advice: a Social and Complexity Perspective (invited presentation)
        Collaborative Technologies and Culture for Knowledge Work (invited presentation)
        n.a. (invited presentation)

        Paper Presentations:
        A Sensemaking Theory of Knowledge in Organisations: A way of understanding knowledge management and the role of technology
        eScience and ePractice: Reflections on a KMS development
        Knowledge sharing technologies to support community participation in natural resource management: a research agenda
        Generating Fleet Support Knowledge from Data and Information
        Processes and Impacts of Knowledge Creation in Email
        Just below the surface: developing knowledge management systems using the paradigm of the noetic prism
        Integrating Knowledge Management Into Business Processes
        Knowledge, IT and innovation in a crisis situation: using SARS as a test case

        Case studies:
        When an Organisation must Know More than the Sum of its Experts: A study of AOD and BattleModel
        Streamlining the Weather Forecasting Process – A Case Study
        Enabling knowledge through technology at FaCS – A Case Study

        Research in Progress round table:
        Knowledge Management Across a Supply Chain
        Multiple Criteria decision support for improved business strategy definition and execution
        A comparative study of private and public sector attitudes to and deployment of knowledge management in Australia

        Panel Discussions:
        Do we really manage knowledge when we do Knowledge Management in organisations? (academic panel)

    • 5th ACKMIDS 2002, 9-10 December 2002, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
      Conference Theme: The Role of Quality in Knowledge Management

        Some Observations Concerning Knowledge Management Issues in the Medical Industry
        Communication and Cultural Resistance: Formulating a Knowledge Management Strategy in a Public Sector Organization

        Paper Presentations:
        Knowledge Strategy in Creative and Innovative Companies: A case study (as a research-in-progress
        Knowledge Management in Specialised Communities: Sharing and the Protection of Quality in Context
        A Conceptual Quality Management Model for Multi-user service-based Portals
        Knowledge Management and Performance Measurement:Quality v Quantity
        Inaccuracy, ambiguity and irrelevance: An analysis of the nature of quality in knowledge management using the noetic prism
        Knowledge Management as Social Semiotic: Discourse Analysis as a measure of Quality
        Sharing knowledge through effective team building: trust versus the information power dynamic
        Knowledge sharing behaviour: the implications of attitudes, beliefs and organisational norms for goverance in a public sector agency
        The Information Quality Monitor: Assessing the Product and Service Quality of Information
        Representing Social Learning in the Context of Knowledge Management:An Architectural Perspective
        Discovering Predictive Quality of Knowledge Artifacts in Organisational Repositories
        Strategic Knowledge Management In the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
        Failure to use information limits return on investment in information systems: a case study
        Improving the Quality of Fleet/Facility Support Knowledge
        The Knowledge Management Landscape in New Zealand: The Role of the CKO?

        Poster Session

        Panel Discussions:
        The Emperor’s New Clothes: Understanding The Concept Of Quality In Knowledge Management Systems (Industy Panel)
        Sticky Knowledge and Dirty Data: Defining Knowledge Management as a Quality Discipline (Academic Panel)

    • 4th ACKMIDS 2001, 10-11 December 2001, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
      Conference Theme: Knowledge Management in Context

        Keynotes: (1)

        Paper Presentations:
        Codifying organizational knowledge; A case study
        Knowledge management and the Parliamentary Library: Trust and prophylactics?
        Knowledge management and small business – developing an approach to intellectual property practices in the Australian biotechnology industry
        More effective knowledge management through systems integration: The Pharmaceutical Extranet Gateway Project and its management
        Knowledge Creation on the Intranet
        The role of technology in KM: trends in the Australian corporate environment
        Balancing The Mild, The Wild, And The Crazy: Knowledge Management In Complex Organisations

        Industry Panel: Does the Tail Wag the Dog?
        Knowledge Management: A brief summary of 4 days of research and 10 years of experience
        Healthcare Knowledge Management
        The Role of Context in Knowledge Management Implementation

    • 3rd ACKMIDS 2000, 4-5 December 2000, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
      Conference Theme: Knowledge Management for Information Communities

        Transcending Information Communities
        Keynote 2 n.a.

        Paper Presentations:
        From medieval philosophy to the Virtual Library: a descriptive framework for scientific knowledge and documentation as basis for document retrieval
        Knowledge and Learning in Electronically Enabled Environments
        The Limits to Codification of Intelligence Processes
        Getting the Message Across With Communicative Knowledge Management
        Developing a supportive organisational context for knowledge management–A conceptual framework
        Oral community knowledge sharing systems
        The Impact of Knowledge Management Technology on Decision Makers’ Performance: An Empirical Examination
        Exploring Knowledge Management Issues and Perceptions from a Chief Information Officer’s Perspective– Implications for Information System-Based Decision Support
        Implementing A Knowledge Management System: The Case of Meteorological Forecasting
        A Knowledge Model Based on Multi-Dimensional Ontology
        Evolution as a Model of Design Knowledge Formation and Propagation

        Case studies:
        Knowledge Management Research at the DSTC, Information Ecology Project: Recordkeeping Metadata Research
        Knowledge Management issues in people’s use of telecommunications and new media
        Knowledge Management model within the context of evidence based health care

        Panel Session: Beyond a Fad: The role of Knowledge Management in an Information Economy
        2 presentations n.a.

    • 2nd Australian Workshop on Intelligent Decision Support and Knowledge Management (AWIDS), September 29, 1998, University of New South Wales, NSW, Sydney, Australia
      (in conjunction with the Australian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS), Sep 30 – Oct 2)

        Paper Sessions:
        Knowledge Management for Intelligent Decision Support
        – Knowledge Engineering Methods For Knowledge Management
        – A framework for secure sharing of business knowledge
        – Strategic planning using OPIUM: supporting holistic decision making
        Intelligent Decision Support Applications
        – An intelligent decision support system for dairy cattle mate-allocation
        – Assisting Political Decision Making
        – Workflow Temporal Manager – an intelligent agent for time management in production workflows
        – Modelling the Small Business Inventory Reorder Decision
        Project Reports and Research in Progress
        – Knowledge Sharing and Management in Large, Multi-National Organisations
        – Using Genetic Programming for Datamining in the Development of DSS
        – Development of an Information System to Support Decision Making in Family Law Negotiation
        – Intelligent Decision Support for Multicriteria Group Decision Making

        Panel Discussions:
        Knowledge Management for Intelligent Decision Support: Means and Approaches

        Associated workshops:
        Knowledge Management: Its Benefits and Problems (Post-conference Workshop), 9 September 1998, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
        (in conjunction with the Institute for Information Management (IIM) Asia/Pacific Conference, Sep 6-9)

        Overview: benefits and problems
        Local perspective on Knowledge Management – Survey
        Knowledge Management – the Monash Approach
        Illustration: Case Studies

    • 1st Australian Workshop on Intelligent Decision Support Systems (AWIDS’97), October 23, 1997, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    • 2nd Melbourne Workshop on Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDS’96), September 9, 1996, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    • 1st Melbourne Workshop on Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDS’95), March 20, 1995, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • Intelligent Decision Support Systems & Knowledge Management Minitrack, 21 July 1999, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    (in conjunction with the International Conference of The International Society for Decision Support Systems (ISDSS 1999), Jul 20-23)

      Minitrack Papers:
      Evaluation of Soft Computing Based IDS
      Knowledge Management and Data Mining for Marketing
      Knowledge Discovery in a Dairy Cattle Database
      Argumentation structures for IDS
      Representations for Decision-making Support
      Knowledge Discovery in the Development of DSS
      IDS for On-line Information Retrieval

      Knowledge Management – is it in the software?

      Pre-conference Tutorials:
      Knowledge Discovery to provide Intelligent Decision Support

Faculty of Education

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Master of Leadership (Specialisation: Organisational learning 5))

Faculty of Business and Economics > Business School > Department of Management > (Quality Management Research Unit) 6)


  • International Research Conference on Quality, Innovation and Knowledge Management (QIK)**7)

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