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The University of Hong Kong (HKU) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

School of Education

Graduate Programs

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Educational Studies (Field of Study: Library and Information Sciences, Specialization: Knowledge Management)**
  • Master of Science in Library and Information Management (by coursework; Specialist Strand: Knowledge management)

School of Education > Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE)

Graduate Programs

  • Knowledge Management Diploma/Certificate Program** 1)
  • PhD in Education (Field of Study: Library and Information Sciences, Specialization: Knowledge Management)
  • MPhil and PhD (Field of Study: Library and Information Sciences, Specialization: Knowledge Management)


  • Nov 2016: Knowledge Organization Systems and their Applications in Supporting Digital Libraries, Learning, Intelligence Analysis, and Knowledge Discovery
  • Jul 2015: Automated Citation Opinion Analysis for Scientific Writing
  • Sep 2014: Dealing with knowledge and ignorance in organizations
  • May 2013: Workshop on research design and instrumentation for studies of knowledge practices (CITE and Faculty of Education joint workshop for staff & students)
  • Mar 2013: Knowledge Creation & Innovation in Organizations: value-creation at the intersection of technology and business models
  • Apr 2011: Knowledge Management and Electronic Information Management in Enabling the Next Generation of Public Services
  • Nov 2010: Beyond the Ba: Managing Enabling Contexts in Knowledge Organizations

School of Education > Laboratory for Knowledge Management & E-Learning


  • Annual Workshop of Knowledge Management & E-Learning


  • Seminars on topics in Knowledge Management & E-Learning

Policy 21

Graduate Programs

  • Knowledge Management Diploma/Certificate Program** 1)


  • Knowledge Management Seminar Session Series** 2)
    • D4CM4 Knowledge Management Culture
    • D4CM5 Benchmarking & Best Practices
    • D4CM6 & D4CM7 Peer Assist & After Action Review
    • D4CM8 Document Management System
    • D4CM9 Knowledge Management Portal and e-Workplace
    • D4UK1 Knowledge Creation and Innovation
    • D4UK2 Avoiding Pitfalls in Knowledge Management Implementation
    • D4UK3 Customer Knowledge Management
    • D4UK4 Leveraging the Tacit Knowledge of Your Customers
    • D4UK5 Action Learning
    • D4UK6 Knowledge Management Measurement
    • D4SK3 & D4SK6 Business Intelligence Overview and Work Flow Management
    • D4UK7 Change Program – “Who Moved My Cheese?”
    • D4SK7 Taxonomy

HKUSpace: School of Professional and Continuing Education > Technology, Engineering & Sciences > Library & Information Studies


  • Executive Certificate in Knowledge Management (for Professionals and Managers)

Technology, Engineering & Sciences > Information Technology


  • Knowledge Management & Applied Business Intelligence Workshop in Healtheatre Industry

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