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The Loughborough University (Lough) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Institute for International Management (IIM)


IIM Speaker Series / Research Seminars

  • Feb 2020: Innovation and knowledge management of MNEs in and from emerging economies

School of Business and Economics > Centre for Information Management (CIM) > Knowledge and the Digital Economy Research Interest Group (KDE-RIG)*1)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Information and Knowledge Management**
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Information and Knowledge Management**
  • MSc in Information and Knowledge Management**
  • Mphil/PhD in Business and Economics (research interest: Knowledge and the Digital Economy, Knowledge Management)**
  • Mphil/PhD in Information Management (Specialization: Information and Knowledge Management)**

Workshops & Seminars

Knowledge Management in Practice Workshop Series

  • 2016-06: Knowledge Management in the Energy Sector
  • 2015-04: Knowledge Management in the Voluntary Sector

Sustainable Knowledge Management Seminar Series

  • Jun 2017: Knowledge Management from the Front Line: Setting up a new Knowledge Management service in NHS England
  • Feb 2017: Current challenges in the Knowledge Management discipline and practice

KDE-RIG Seminar Series (monthly; was: KM-RIG Seminar Series)

    – May 2018: Defining, Organising, and Sharing – Knowledge Management in a global and federal environment
    – Feb 2018: A Systemic Model of Engineering Knowledge Management from the Energy Sector
    – Nov 2017: The rhetoric of ‘knowledge hoarding’: a research-based critique; Creation of a knowledge map for the technologies for building Cyber-Physical Systems
    – Oct 2017: European Conference of Knowledge Management participants’ presentations
    – 2016: Feb, Mar, May
    – Dec 2015: Understanding Expertise as a Multi-situated Practice
    – Nov 2015: The Perils of Parliamentary Information Management
    – Sep 2015: PhD researchers’ presentations (A Topography of Knowledge Transfer and Low Carbon Innovation; Innovative Contribution to Organisational Knowledge Management Strategy: A Team Action Learning Initiative; A Study of Knowledge Brokering in Action)
    – 2015: Feb, May, Jun
    – 2014: Feb, Mar, May, Jun, ???, Oct, Nov, Dec
    – 2013: ???, Oct, Nov, Dec

School of Business and Economics > Executive Education*

Short Courses

Information and Knowledge Management Systems subject area

  • Social network analysis, handling ‘Big Data’, using social media**

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