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The Open University (OU) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Courses & Material

  • Knowledge technologies in context (B823_2)

Course Material*

Lab Space (now: OpenLearn Create)

  • Developing communities of eco business practice
  • Knowledge technologies in context (B823_2_1.0)
  • Knowledge technologies in context (B823_2_2.0)
  • Managing Organisational Knowledge for Sustainability and Competitive Advantage

Faculty of Business and Law 1) > Business School (OUBS)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Creative and Knowledge Management**
      Creativity, innovation and change (B822) (or version BZX822)
      Managing knowledge (B823) (or version BZX823)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Knowledge Transfer**
      Managing knowledge (B823)
      AURIL knowledge transfer work-based project (CAUM829)
  • MSc in Strategic Management of Information Systems (Spcialization: Information and Knowledge Management)**

Department for People and Organisations

  • PhD Program (Research area: Management and organisational learning, processes, change and innovation > Knowledge management)

Centre for Knowledge in Organisations and Professions (CKOP)* 2)

  • PhD Programme** (research themes: Organisational knowledge and learning; Practices of knowledge production; Critical and reflexive pedagogy; Ethics, knowledge and practice; Knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship)

Centre for Innovation, Knowledge and Enterprise (IKE) > Knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship (KIE) Research Unit* 3)

  • MRes in Management and Business** (Research area: Management of Knowledge & Innovation)
  • PhD Program** (Research area: Management of Knowledge & Innovation)


Centre for Knowledge in Organisations and Professions (CKOP)* 2)

  • What is the Future of Professional Knowledge and Learning? Unconference, 13 June 2018, The Open University, London, United Kingdom


Centre for Knowledge in Organisations and Professions (CKOP)* 2)

  • Apr 2019: Learning, leadership and ethical practice in professional contexts


  • Managing knowledge – online version (BZX823)**
  • Managing knowledge (B823)**


OUBS Research Seminars

    Apr 2005: The Nature and Possibilities of Knowledge Management

Research Centre on Innovation, Knowledge and Development (IKD) 4) Seminars

    International Development Seminar Series: (since 2012)

    Nov 2013: Knowledge, learning and communication in community development

    IKD (Lunchtime) Seminars: (2005-2011)

    May 2011: Knowledge-based Bio-econom
    Mar 2011: Finance-Dominated Accumulation, the Knowledge-Based Economy, and the Green New Deal: a Cultural Political Economy of Crisis-Management

    Apr 2009: Culture and Innovation Dynamics: Explaining the uneven evolution of human knowledge (CANCELLED)

    Nov 2008: Culture and Innovation Dynamics : Explaining the uneven evolution of human knowledge
    May 2008: Innovation in Late Development: Incentives for Knowledge Creation and Use in Least Developed Countries

    Jun 2005: Divisions of Knowledge; Grounding knowledge and technology flows: Issues in African S&T Capacity building
    May 2005: The Knowledge Spillover Theory of Entrepreneurship

Management of Knowledge and Innovation Research Unit (MKIRU) Seminar Series

    Jun 2003: Entering a New Era: How can Europe become the most World’s Most Competitive Dynamic and Knowledge-based Economy?

    Feb 2002: Accountants and knowledge management: a study in deprofessionalisation?

Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Phd Program (Research area: Learning Sciences5))


KMi Seminars (selection)

    Mar 2021: Augmenting Human Performance at Scale with Interactive Technologies

    Mar 2020: Promoting the Increase and Diffusion of Knowledge in India

    Mar 2019: Deep Learning for Information Extraction from Cancer Pathology Reports

    Oct 2018: Knowledge-Powered Model Integration in Environmental and Social Sciences: Challenges and Solutions; Machine learning and natural language processing for humanitarian response: a view from the field
    Sep 2018: las2peer: Innovation on the Fringe Next Generation Open Source Service Development for Communities of Practice
    Apr 2018: Semantic Mapping

    Nov 2017: Understanding Stories with Large-Scale Commonsense
    Oct 2017: Learning word representations with deep learning
    Apr 2017: We’re Seeking Relevance: Ideology, Pedagogy and Psychology in Learning Analytics

    May 2016: Diagrammatic Ontology Engineering

    Jul 2015: Extending the World Wide Web Without Internet

    May 2014: Abstracting patterns of civic online deliberation from field experiences and their evaluation; Dedalo: looking for Clusters Explanations in a Labyrinth of Linked Data
    Apr 2014: The power of informal learning: A social network perspective
    Mar 2014: Taking Control of Learning Data
    Feb 2014: Personal Learning Environments and Emergent Educational Practices

    Dec 2013: In the quest for the city of knowledge: challenges and developments
    Nov 2013: Open access, open source and OpenClinical: a knowledge commons for healthcare?
    Oct 2013: Explaining data patterns using background knowledge from Linked Data
    Jul 2013: The Grand Challenges in Technology-Enhanced Learning
    May 2013: Peer Supported Problem Solving and Mathematical Knowledge; Interpreting Linked Data as ontologies: doctrines and creeping issues
    Apr 2013: Harnessing Linked Knowledge Sources for Topic Classification in Social Media

    Oct 2012: Learning Analytics symposium (part of SoLAR Storm)
    Sep 2012: Knowledge Architecture (Free and in Flow) in a Social Network

    Apr 2011: Contextualized Knowledge Repositories for the Semantic Web

    Dec 2010: Problem solving and mathematical knowledge; Wisdom of Crowds vs. Wisdom of Linguists
    Nov 2010: Dynamics of online peer production and collaborative sensemaking
    Jun 2010: Flexible learning: Student perspective
    Mar 2010: A Debate Dashboard to Support the Adoption of Online Knowledge Mapping Tools; The SocialLearn Project

    Nov 2009: The Wolfram|Alpha approach to knowledge

    Dec 2008: Semantic annotation and Semantic search in Cultural Heritage
    Feb 2008: Just In Time Learning

    Jul 2007: OpenKnowledge
    Aor 2007: How to Combine Web2.0 and the Semantic Web
    Mar 2007: A Study of Knowledge Management Practices in Selected Industries in India
    Feb 2007: Semantic Multimedia Information: Mining, Fusion and Extraction

    Nov 2006: Modelling Knowledge Management Systems of a Distance Education Institution, supported by Semantic Web Technology
    Sep 2006: Using the Semantic Web as Background Knowledge for Ontology Mapping
    Aug 2006: Wikis of Locality

    Dec 2005: Innovative Information and Knowledge Infrastructures
    Mar 2005: An investigation of the use of semantic web technologies to support learning
    Jan 2005: Mining Knowledge from Textual Databases: An Approach using Ontology-based Context Vectors

    Dec 2004: Aligning learning and creativity in education: Music composition as a domain to explore creative learning
    Nov 2004: Learning Ontologies by Processing Natural Language Text
    Oct 2004: Learning Web Service Ontologies: Two Extraction Methods and their Evaluation; Building Collaborative Knowledge Representations in Real Time
    Apr 2004: Grassroots initiated networked communities: a viable method of overcoming multiple digital inequalities within communities of locality?

    Oct 2003: Logics, tasks and agents: towards a unified model for delivering knowledge services
    Jun 2003: BuddySpace: Instant Messaging, Maps, and Enhanced Presence For Knowledge Workers
    May 2003: Practising Knowledge Art

    Oct 2001: Topic Maps in Knowledge Systems

    Jul 2000: Interweaving Real-Time Collaborative Knowledge Construction Methods

    Dec 1998: Software Reuse for Knowledge-Based Systems
    Jul 1998: Empathic Communities: Online Communities for Support and Information Exchange

    Apr 1997: Evolution Of Complex Systems by Collaborating Communities Of Practice; Collaborative Learning using Mind Bridges: An Asian Experience
    Jan 1997: Support for Learning Conversations

    Dec 1996: Learning Environments and Learning Societies
    Jun 1996: Be aware of your ignorance: robust learning of bayesian networks from incomplete data
    May 1996: Designing Organisational Memory: Preserving Intellectual Assets in a Knowledge Economy


  • UK Multimedia Knowledge Management Network (MMKM) 6)


MMKM sponsored events

  • MMKM Workshop on Future Directions in Multimedia Knowledge Management, 14 Feb 2008, The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
  • Workshop on Semantic Image Retrieval – The User Perspective, 26-27 March 2007, University of Brighton, Brighton, United Kingdom
  • MMKM Workshop on Multimedia Knowledge Management: Industry meets academia, 8 January 2007, The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
  • First International Workshop on Adaptive Information Retrieval (AIR), 14th October 2006, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom
    (as part of the Symposium on String Processing and Information Retrieval ((SPIRE), 11-13 Oct)
  • Visual Categorisation and Image Management Systems Workshop, 28th June 2006, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, United Kingdom
  • Semantic Interoperability for e-Research in the Sciences, Arts and Humanities, 30 March 2006, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom
  • Oral & Poster Session “Semantic multimedia applications”, 30 November 2005, London, United Kingdom
    (as part of the European Workshop on the Integration of Knowledge, Semantics and Digital Media Technology, 30 Nov – 1 Dec)
  • 3rd International Workshop on Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval (AMR), 28-29 July 2005, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom
    (as part of the Glasgow Information Retrieval Festival, 24-30 Jul)
  • MMKM launch workshop, 10th September 2004, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom

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