Conferences as educational and training opportunities in Knowledge Management

Conferences in the field of Knowledge Management are a good place to learn about the latest trends and to gain new insights in this domain.

Till now a lot of conferences with the sole focus on Knowledge Management have established worldwide (e.g. ECKM, I-KNOW, APQC’s KM Conference, KnowTech). In the course of these conferences often training opportunities are offered (e.g. workshops at KMWorld, KM Asia).

Figure: Top 20 KM conferences – rate of attendance and awareness

Source: Denise Bedford: Critical Assessment of the use of Published Knowledge Management Literature and the Rate of Uptake of Knowledge Management Research. In: Gabriel Cegarra (Ed.): Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Knowledge Management, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Spain, 6-7 September 2012. Volume 1. Academic Publishing International, 2012: 69.

But worth to consider are also the conferences in fields related to Knowledge Management – conferences on Organizational Learning, Intellectual Capital, Enterprise 2.0, Semantic Technologies, etc. (e.g. ICICKM, SEMANTiCS, e20s, ECIC). And as Knowledge Management is a high-grade interdisciplinary science you should know that many other conferences in the various fields of studies – (Strategic) Management, Information Systems, etc. – have integrated tracks on topics in Knowledge Management (e.g. EURAM, AMCIS, SMS, HICSS).

Besides these traditional research-presentation conferences participatory-driven conferences, aka unconferences, have entered the Knowledge Management conference stage recently (e.g. KAMP, gkc, WissensCamp Graz).

In order to find an appropriate conference in the world region of your choice which may satisfy your learning and training needs take a look at the…

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