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Cranfield University, formerly the Cranfield Institute of Technology and the College of Aeronautics (CoA), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Cranfield Defence and Security (CDS) 1)


Short Courses / Contiuning Professional Development (CPD)

  • Knowledge in Defence
  • Information and Knowledge Management**
  • Task Analysis and Knowledge Elicitation**

Graduate Degrees/Programs

Department of Information Systems

  • Knowledge Management Systems MSc/PgDip/PgCert** 2)
      Compulsory Modules:
      1. Foundations of Knowledge
      2. Organisational Knowledge
      3. Knowledge Management
      4. Knowledge Management Systems
      Optional Modules
      5. Knowledge Representation
      6. Knowledge Programming
      7. Knowledge Storage and Sharing
      8. Knowledge Discovery
      9. Knowledge Interfaces
      10. Knowledge Engineering


  • Exploiting Knowledge and Information in Government Symposium (EKIG)**
    The symposium will feature a range of sessions from general knowledge and information management related presentations to some on more specific defence related topics.
    As well as the formal presentations, there will be a Display Area where both Government and commercial suppliers may exhibit. There will be opportunity for social networking with colleagues during coffee and lunch breaks, and especially at the Symposium Dinner. It is a natural successor to EIKD (Exploiting Information and Knowledge in Defence), an event run for several years at Shrivenham, which in 2007 attracted around 200 delegates

    • TBC – EKIG 2009, 29-30 September 2009, Shrivenham, United Kingdom
    • EKIG 2008, 1–2 October 2008, Shrivenham, United Kingdom
  • Exploiting Information and Knowledge in Defence Symposium (EIKD)**
    Exploiting Information and Knowledge in Defence (EIKD) is a two-day symposium sponsored by the Chief Information Officer in the Ministry of Defence. It features expert speakers from Industry, Government and Academia, attracts wide representation from the Defence community, and provides an excellent opportunity to learn about current and future information related activities and projects.

    • 11th EIKD 2010, 5-6 October 2010, Shrivenham, United Kingdom
    • 10th EIKD 2009, 6-7 October 2009, Shrivenham, United Kingdom
      Conference theme: Better Decisions Through Better Use of Information
    • 9th EIKD 2008, 4-5 June 2008, Shrivenham, United Kingdom
    • 8th EIKD 2007, 6-7 June 2007, Shrivenham, United Kingdom
    • 7th EIKD 2006, 5-6 July 2006, Shrivenham, United Kingdom
      Conference theme: Integrating the Information Layer across the Enterprise
    • 6th EIKD 2005, 26-27 July 2005, Shrivenham, United Kingdom
    • 5th EIKD 2004, 21-22 July 2004, Shrivenham, United Kingdom
      Conference theme: Exploitation of knowledge and network enabled common services and capability
    • 4th EIKD 2003, 23 – 24 July 2003, Shrivenham, United Kingdom
      Conference theme: Manage our information better
    • 3rd EIKD 2002, 30 April – 2 May, 2002, Shrivenham, United Kingdom
    • 2nd EIKD 2001, 30 May-1 June 2001, Shrivenham, United Kingdom
      Conference theme: “Effective information management”
    • 1st EIKD 2000

School of Applied Sciences > Manufacturing Department > Decision Engineering Centre

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Knowledge Management for Innovation Advanced Professional Master of Technology (MTech)**
  • Knowledge Management for Innovation MSc/PgDip/PgCert** 3)
      2010 ff. Compulsory Modules 40%
      • Enterprise Systems (and Management)
      • Knowledge Acquisition and Creation
      • Design Driven Innovation (Processes)
      • General Management
      • Knowledge Systems Design
      • Information Management
      • Enterprise Modelling
      • Strategic Knowledge Management

      2007-09 Compulsory Modules 40%
      • Strategic Knowledge Management
      • Knowledge Acquisition and Creation
      • Innovation
      • Data Management
      • Enterprise Systems (and Management)
      • Enterprise Modelling
      • General Management
      • Knowledge System Design

      Group Project (or dissertation for part-time students) 20%
      Individual Research Project 40%

  • Knowledge Management for Enterprise Development MSc** 4)


Short Courses / Contiuning Professional Development (CPD)

  • Strategic Knowledge Management**
  • Knowledge System Design**
  • Knowledge Acquisition and Creation**

Cranfield Health*

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Organisational Knowledge MSc/PgDip/PgCert** 3)
      Modules 40%
      Organisations and Knowledge
      Business Management and Health Economics
      The Learning Organisation
      Organisational Transformation and Change
      Knowledge Acquisition
      Organisational Modelling
      Organisational Operations
      Knowledge Management Systems

      Group project 20%
      Individual research project and thesis 40%
      Business week (Organisations share their experiences)

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